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Fully Remove Camersoft Webcam Capture – How to Uninstall Camersoft Webcam Capture for Good

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Camersoft Webcam Capture is simple tool for capturing the video stream from any webcam connected to your computer. Need to uninstall Camersoft Webcam Capture before you install the latest version of the program? How to delete Camersoft Webcam Capture from your computer without any trace left? Here are two methods to uninstall program that you can try.

Uninstall & remove Camersoft Webcam Capture manually

1) Go to Start and then Click on Control Panel.

2) Double-click on Add or Remove Program.

3) Find the Camersoft Webcam Capture in the list. It should look similar to the one below:


4) Highlight it and click on Remove.

5) Then a screen just like the one below will happen, click the “Remove All button” to start the removal process.

6) When the removal process completes, you’ll be asked to restart the computer. Do as request and reboot your computer at that time.

7) After a system reboot, the unneeded Camersoft Webcam Capture should be removed from your system.


It is necessary to check out and find out if there are stuffs still listed on your computer. Instruction:

1) Click the Windows “Start” button and click “Run”.

2) Type “regedit” and press “Enter” to launch the registry.

3) Click the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder on the left panel and expand “Software.” Navigate to the “Software\iolo\Camersoft Webcam Capture” folder and right-click it. Click “Delete,” and click “Yes” to confirm. Click the “File” menu and click “Exit” to close the registry.

4) Click the Windows “Start” button and click “My Computer.” Double-click the “C:” drive. Double-click the “Program Files” folder. Locate the Camersoft Webcam Capture folder and right-click it. Click “Delete.” Click “Yes” to confirm.

5) Empty the recycle bin and restart your computer to complete the removal process.


Uninstall & remove Camersoft Webcam Capture Automatically

In case that some computer newbie cannot follow the steps above correctly to thoroughly uninstall Camersoft Webcam Capture, you are recommended to use an uninstaller program. Among all of the uninstallers on the market, I found that Perfect Uninstaller is one that will do the job immediately for you as it:

1. Forcefully remove all software from the computer.

2. Fully check the system &remove all Camersoft Webcam Capture files and registry entries.

3. Provides you very simple methods to uninstall programs: Uninstall, Force Uninstall, Special Uninstaller.

4. Uninstall program much faster than Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs feature.


After Perfect Uninstaller installed, run it (shortcut should be on your desktop menu). The utility will display a list of programs installed through Windows Installer. If you find any entries for Camersoft Webcam Capture in the “Installed Products” listing, select it/them, then hit “Remove” and let the removal utility do its thing. This way, you can also successfully remove Home Plan Pro or Adobe Photoshop CS3 in a few clicks!

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