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Generic Host Process Errors – Solutions to Fix Generic Host Process Errors Effectively

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“Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close”

solve Generic Host Process error

Upon starting up the computer, or opening some DBCS attachment files, some users will come to the chance to get the above Generic Host Process error message. Typically, this error happens in almost all Windows-based operating systems and has been haunting most of Windows PCs from a long time. Seriously, it will cause some other PC errors such as High CPU Usage to make the machine to work abnormally.

Before learning how to fix the Generic Host Process error, you should know that there are many causes bringing in the appearance of this error, which usually includes:
*A system files used by the Generic Host Process has been missing or corrupted.
*Some malicious software are attacking the PC and cause conflicts with the Generic Host Process.
* There a conflict among the hardware device drivers.
* Some broken, invalid registry keys cause the error to happen.

Solutions to fix Generic Host Process errors
To fix the error, first you have to ensure that the computer is totally virus clean. Once a computer virus gets onto your computer, it can propagate itself by making use of removable media and shared folders in LAN to make the computer run extremely slowly. Also, they are able to attack your local drives and the network to remove some system files from the PC, stopping the system from accessing them correctly. If a file that used by the Generic Host Process has been attacked or removed from the PC, you will soon get a message saying “Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close” or error code 0X80004005 in booting up the PC or accessing some certain files.

Then, you can perform the following steps to check and fix some errors existing on the computer itself:
*Go to Start, Run and open ‘cmd’
*Type ‘netsh’ in command console and press Enter to continue.
*Then type ‘winsock’ in the box, press “Enter” and then type Reset.
*Restart Your PC to see whether the Generic Host Process error message has gone or not.

If the above instructions do not work, maybe you should run the System File Check (SFC) to completely scan the whole PC and re-register all missing or broken system files. To run it, just go to Start, Run, and type “sfc /scannow” in the box and then follow the on-screen steps to continue. Then, it will automatically check system files and replace them with original versions when needed.

Fourthly, you still need to fix Windows registry errors when trying to permanently get rid of the Generic Host Process error message. We know that it is a place to store all hardware and software data to tell the system when and how to perform them correctly. However, the more data is stored, the larger it becomes and the more errors it will generate. When the system cannot locate its required entries to load the Generic Host Process, an error message will happen. To fix it, just:

*Go to Start, run, and type ‘Regedit’ in the box and press Enter to go.
*When the Registry Editor appears, navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > Browser > Parameters
*Find the Key Name: IsDomainMaster and set Data: False
*Then, quit the Editor and restart the computer.

In many cases, the Generic Host Process error will be fixed after the above modifications; but a minor mistake within the registry will bring in more serious problems to the PC as it is so complicated for all users to modify it manually. If you are not an advanced computer user, you’d better download and run a registry cleaning tool to do the job for you. It automatically scans the whole PC and fixes all broken, missing, corrupted entries within clicks, returning you an error-free computer within clicks.

I think all users want to run the computer pleasantly all the time without an error message like Generic Host Process error. If you do, follow the above steps now and you will maximally optimize computer speed to the top.

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