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Get rid of “Invalid Boot.ini” error message at PC startup

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on March 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment

All of a sudden, you will find the computer show a black screen together with a message saying that “Invalid boot.ini file”, “Now booting C: drive”, or something to that effect. Because of this, some have to restart the computer forcibly. But the bad news is that, sometimes the computer will fail to restart properly as usual. What is up and how can you get rid of “Invalid boot.ini” error message at PC startup?

computer startup error

When getting the “Invalid boot.ini” error message displayed on the screen, you can instantly perform a Windows repair function to save your PC from effectively. To do this, you can directly follow the below steps:

* First of all, you need to set Boot from CD/DVD drive as your first boot device.
* Then, place your Windows Recovery CD into the CD/DVD drive and turn on your computer.
* Wait for the “Press any key to boot from CD” message to appear and you should press any key to enter the Windows Repair/Restore screen.
* Press the “R” key until you see the “Press R” to restore option or “Press Enter” for a fresh install.. Most of the time, you will be asked at this time to choose the installation of Windows you want to repair.
*Enter your administrator password if asked, then type in “cd \windows\system32\config” without the quotation marks.
* Follow the on-screen steps to continue… in some cases, you will want to make sure that the “ren system system.bad” error occurs, at which point type “copy\windows\repair\system” and let the files copy to your computer.
*Finally, remove the CD from the drive and restart your computer. And you will find the black screen as well as the “Invalid boot.ini” error message has disappeared immediately.

In addition, it is recommended that you should run the Disk Defragmenter to replace everything in your hard disk when trying to get fatal exception errors far away from your PC. As the usage of the computer, the disk fragments will become one main cause of the “Invalid boot.ini errors” as it consumes longer time for the system to read through and reassemble all associated parts of a same content when you are starting up the PC or lunching a certain program. A simple disk defragmentation helps to not only free up available disk space, but also greatly optimize PC performance.

Also, to solve “Invalid boot.ini” error and run the computer properly as expectedly, you’d better check and make sure the computer is totally virus clean. Viruses are able to attack and remove any files from the PC, causing the system cannot locate them to correctly install the programs. What is more, they are capable of collecting & stealing your personal information, resting your account setting or changing your web browser’s settings, attacking & removing system files to bring in “Invalid boot.ini” error message at PC startup… It is best that you can let the antivirus program always running in the background to realtime block and remove any potential & existing threats.

Besides the above aspects, some errors within the Windows registry database can also bring in the appearance of Windows “Invalid boot.ini” error message. The reason is that even though registry is considered as the most important component of the operating system to store all required entries & settings, it on the other side can bring in some unexpected problems to the PC. Issues like slow speed, computer freezes, bad performance can in many cases be caused due to a corrupted registry. If the system cannot recall the required entries to start up the computer or launch your certain programs, you will no doubt get an “Invalid boot.ini” error message. Therefore it is vital for you to fix registry errors, clean them so that to regain proper computer running, complete program or Windows installation, etc. To do this, you can directly download and run a registry cleaner utility to completely scan & fix all detected error. Trust me! With an error-free registry database, you will be able to install what you want on the PC correctly.

Simply speaking, an “Invalid boot.ini” error message at PC startup or during the usage of the computer may stop you from running the computer properly. And it on the other side indicates some serious errors on the PC which should be fixed immediately. So, no matter whenever you receive this error message, take instant actions to troubleshoot and repair it!

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