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Handy and Reliable Instruction for Uninstalling MSN Password Recovery from PC

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on February 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

MSN Password Recovery is a handy and reliable utility designed to recover your MSN passwords. Some software can be very hard to use, it often slows down your computer and seems to be built by engineers for engineers. Do you need to uninstall MSN Password Recovery for such reason? If you want to remove Windows program from the PC, the following method should be the best choice. You can thoroughly uninstall MSN Password Recovery within minutes.

Here are simple steps to follow in order to thoroughly remove MSN Password Recovery:

1. Kill the process by manually matching the listed MSN Password Recovery files with the ones in the Task Manager.

2. Click Start, and then go to Control Panel.

3. Enable Add or Remove Programs utility.

4. From Currently installed programs, find out MSN Password Recovery, and then scroll to it.

5. Click Remove and then click Remove All to remove it.

6. Directly ignore the Subscription Period Warning, and then click Next.

7. Follow the uninstall wizard to finish uninstalling and then restart PC.


Whenever you uninstall a program either with its own uninstaller or “Windows Add or Remove Programs” applet, there may leave leftovers behind. These broken registry and large number of unnecessary files would gradually burden the system and make it slower and slower. If possible, you need to further delete components of MSN Password Recovery left in your system.


If you have no idea about how to go through a clean removal, you can try to use specialist software to uninstall programs or games. A reliable and powerful uninstall tool would uninstall those unwanted programs completely from your computer, it would also remove incomplete installations, and corrupt programs, and force uninstall hidden applications installed in your system.


Perfect Uninstaller is truly the key to save you much more time than the Add/Remove Programs, it also provides a safer way to remove those diehard programs in your system, averting your system from unexpected crash due to the improper uninstall of the program. Therefore, it is highly recommended you uninstall MSN Password Recovery automatically by using Perfect Uninstaller.


With Perfect Uninstaller, you can not only easily uninstall the full/visible unwanted program, but also the corrupted/ hidden unwanted applications. Look for Kaspersky Password Manager and Idyle Tray Minimizer removal? Now the uninstaller software is waiting for you.

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