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Hard drive not detected – Maintain your hard drive and stop errors effectively

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Suddenly, you will get a “Hard drive not detected” error message upon starting up the computer or working something with the machine. Even though you have never done anything to the hardware recently, you still come to the phenomena that the system does not detect the hard drive. It seems quite a lot of people experienced similar problem when searching this on the web. I was so lucky to find a good solution to stop this hard driver error from happening and do hope my article here help you.

maintain your hard drive

When getting the “Hard drive not detected” error message, don’t worry too much and just restart the computer. Sometimes, it is a temporary issue with the PC and can be solved instantly after a system reboot. However, it the error remains after several reboot tries, maybe you need to perform something more complicated to troubleshoot and fix this hard drive error.

The first one you should do is to check and make sure that whether there is something wrong with the hard drive. If you have another system you can test with, you could try to detect it in that other system. If not, remove the hard drive from your computer and put it in another computer as a secondary HD. Then, boot up the system and if you are able to see the contents of the “Bad” hard drive, copy your data to the primary HD and then you’d better perform a disk checking process if the hard driver was detected correctly. On Win Vista or Win 7 go to RUN – cmd e:\drive (bad one) chkdsk /f and follow the on-screen prompts to go, this will fix the problems on the hard drive 90% of the time. When the scan and repair finishes, put it back into your computer and start it up again. This time, I believe you won’t get a “Hard drive not detected” error message anymore. However, if you cannot find the hard drive in your other system or machine, there might be something wrong with it and the only way you can solve the error is to replace it with a new one.

If there is nothing wrong with the hard drive, but you still get a “Hard drive not detected” error message, something might go wrong with the BIOS settings. To maintain your hard drive and stop error from happening, directly restore the BIOS to default settings. To do this, simply go to bios screen and look for restore default settings. Sometimes, you can use the HDD test (using SMART) within the BIOS to check and fix your hard drive errors.

After the above steps, I believe you can start up the computer or run it correctly without the “Hard drive not detected” error message. However, to maintain your hard drive, it is highly recommended that you can regularly check and fix some errors on the hard disk. I think you can work from these aspects:
1) Uninstall all unwanted programs and remove all unnecessary files from the hard disk
2) Regularly defragment the hard disk to keep everything in order
3) Run an error-checking process frequently to detect and fix all bad sectors & some other errors
4) Well protect your hard disk by running a professional antivirus program in the background

More important, to maintain your hard drive and permanently get rid of “Hard drive not detected” error message, you have to check and repair registry errors. First of all, you need to know that the accumulation of registry keys that are generated every time we make changes to the system. Thus, it gets larger and larger as time goes. What is more seriously, some registry keys are very easy to get broken, missing or corrupt as the computer gets infected or as you install/uninstall a program incompletely. Then of course, there are fragmented entries remained in this database, stopping the computer from recalling/accessing them smoothly to cause this hard drive error or some other errors like laptop won’t boot. When the system cannot locate the needed entries to access your hard disk for required information, a “Hard drive not detected” error message will come to take place. So, the final thing you should do is to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all error inside the registry database.

Well, a computer error just like “Hard drive not detected” error message is quite common while using the PC. However, with the above steps you can easily maintain your hard drive and stop errors from happening again and again. Thanks for reading and wish you enjoy the computer all the time!

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