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How can I get my computer to stop freezing?

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When you are working on the computer, it is common for you to experience a sudden non-responding; that is, you just stuck on the page that you were currently opening together with an unresponsive keyboard or mouse. And the only thing you can do is to shut off the computer forcibly with the risk of losing all of your unsaved data or on-working project. But how can you get the computer to stop freezing? Actually, you can take some simple tips in your daily life to maintain stable computer freezing and make the computer run at peak performance all the time!

frequent computer freezing

To get your computer to stop freezing, you need to scan the computer for viruses. When the computer is infected by viruses, lots of system resources will be taken when running to cause unexpected freezing. So please use a reliable anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your computer and regularly update your anti-virus program to ensure the latest virus database.

Secondly, if there are still too many programs running, sometime it will consume a very longer time to shut down or unable to shut down. So the safest thing that you need to do is to make sure that all programs have been closed before shutting down. This alone may help you solve the sudden computer freezing problem. But please do not just look at the processes in the system tray. You can open “Tasks Manager” or “Msconfig” from Start to turn off some running programs.

Thirdly, some bugs within the system or programs can also bring in the frequent computer freezing or some errors like error code 0Xc0000022. So, you need to timely patch your system. As we all know problems will occur if there are some system bugs on the computer as sometimes they will allow the hackers to break into your system & spy out data and violate your privacy. So do remember to download and install all available system patches. This helps to timely correct some bugs and enhance computer performance, avoiding the coming of some unexpected computer problems.

Fourthly, clean and free up more available disk space on your hard disk. To do it, you can remove the temporary Internet files and uninstall the programs that you are not using any more. By doing this, you can easily regain a smooth computer running and a faster PC speed at the same time.

Last but not least, you should periodically clean up the registry. Some invalid registries will be left in the PC registry after surfing the Internet or uninstalling some files from the computer bloated day by day. Sometime, these entries will cause a computer slowdown, freezing-up or crashes. So if time permits, please clean up the registry in a regular basic to maintain the windows system. Effortlessly, you can get access to kinds of registry cleaners from the net, with which you can effectively manage the PC registry. But please remember to first back up the registry before every cleanup.

In my opinion, if you are not good at computer and do not want to lose any of your data, get the best PC optimization tool here. It helps to clean up & resolve any errors with the Windows registry and makes the computer run at top status all the time without frequent computer freezing problem.

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