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How Can I Remove Backdoor.Sykipot quickly

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Backdoor.Sykipot is a harmful backdoor Trojan virus which allows hackers access the compromised computer randomly. The hacker installs remote control desktop on the computer so as to monitor the system and collect confidential data. Backdoor.Sykipot can generate variants on the pc and hackers still work on designing new ones that could not be detected or removed easily by an antivirus program. The Trojan is detected to involve in hijacking browser, stealing information, damaging programs as well as intruding other threats, when real-time protection of a security program detects Backdoor.Sykipot, a security warning will pop up and points out the location of the threat. In this case, you should update your antivirus program and run a scan to make sure the infection is removed completely. In this article you could learn how to remove and prevent Backdoor.Sykipot effectively.

Manual removal instruction
Only users who have enough pc skills to find out the infected files and registry entries can use manual way to remove Backdoor.Sykipot. A user with limited pc skills may damage the computer when he tries the risky and complicated manual removal. The backdoor trojan createsmalicious files and registry entries. Before you start removing malicious items, you could back up important files and windows registry.
1. Run task manager and find out the suspicious process. It is usually named in random characters. After killing the processes, you could remove related files
2. Delete Backdoor.Sykipot files


3. Run registry editor and delete following registry keys

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”notes” = “c:\documents and settings\administrator\local settings\temp\notes.exe -installkys”

How to remove Backdoor.Sykipot effectively
If you do not have enough experience to remove the backdoor virus manually or if you think manual removal way is too time-consuming, using a virus removal program can help you get rid of Backdoor.Sykipot and other hiding virus on your computer quickly. Your antivirus may fail to remove the backdoor Trojan, and then you can download a reputable virus removal program like Spyware Cease which will wipe off the infection effectively. Spyware Cease, a new but advanced removal program, is good at detecting hidden virus and removing various pc threats. Do you want to protect your compute against virus attacks? It is necessary to install an effective virus removal program to protect the computer. Spyware Cease will be a good choice.

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