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How Can I Remove Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen from Windows System

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on January 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen is a Trojan horse virus that is mainly used to open a back door for the other threats and its hackers. When it downloaded any malicious file, it will connect to internet automatically and install things without users’ content. It is a great threat for the system as it randomly delete, modify and create files. Another purpose of Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen is to collect information and update it to server. Both download and upload will severely slow down internet speed. Sometime the backdoor virus will shut down and reboot the system to complete the installation of some programs. Are you experiencing the infection? You’d better take action to remove Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen and other threats before your computer is broken down and personal information is exposed to a third party.

How to remove Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen completely?
Usually, there are two ways to get rid of a Trojan. One is to delete all its components manually and the other is to give the job to a professional antivirus program. Of course, an antivirus program is a common to remove Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen.

Manual removal guide
If you know how to locate malicious files and repair windows registry, you could try manual way to remove the Trojan. For most users, this method is too complicated. Following are brief steps
1. Run task manager and stop suspicious processes. Usually Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen will take up large system resource. If you do not know which process should be ended, you could enter Safe Mode.
2. Find out related files and delete them
3. Open registry editor, change registry values and delete malicious registry entries

How to Effectively Clean Up Computer Infected with Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen?
To get rid of Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen you need a program that can scan and remove it from your computer automatically and safely. Many free programs you download set up annoying parasite on your computer. Compare trojan remover programs and find out what will be the most effective for you. Stop wasting time for searching, I will recommend one reliable anti-trojan program for you. Click here to download Spyware Cease for free.

This effective anti trojan solution deletes the malicious files and trojans present on the computer system. It prevents corruption of data and damage to the hard drive due to the malware infection. This ensures effective filtering out of trojan such as Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen and other dangerous computer threats.

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