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How Can I Wipe off XP Home Security 2012 from My PC immediately

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on February 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

It is easy to find out that XP Home Security 2012 is a fake security application like Vista Home Security 2013 related with downloader Trojan that can download and install malicious programs on the target computer. The infection starts with fake security warning messages which either hijack your web browser or pop up on the right corner of the desktop. When the fake alerts show up, the computer is already infected even you ignore the warning. XP Home Security 2012 will displays fake alerts and pretend to scan the computer and then give you a scaring scanning report, in order to convince you to purchase the full version. It is a common trick of rogue software. Though few people will waste their money on the rogue software, many people still can not get rid of XP Home Security 2012 completely. This article will show you two methods to wipe off the malware instantly.

How to remove XP Home Security 2012 manually
Some users may have tried their antivirus programs and found it can not remove the malware effectively. Manual removal is also a way to get rid of the rogue software. If you want to try, you should back up important files or create a system restore point.
1. Open task manager and stop XP Home Security 2012 from running on the background
2. Find out all related files and delete them completely
3. Open registry editor and remove XP Home Security 2012 registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\a.exe\
Inspector = %AppData%\Protector-[random].exe
Debugger = svchost.exe

XP Home Security 2012 removal program
If you have an antivirus program, you should first run a scan to pick up the infection. Of course, not all antivirus can detect and delete the rogue program effectively. Do not worry. We know a kind of security program called antispyware software is specialized at removing browser hijacker virus. It is the first choice for XP Home Security 2012 removal. To save your time from trying a virus removal program after another, you can directly download Spyware Cease here. Spyware Cease is highly recommended to wipe off malware, Trojan, adware, worm and so on.

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