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How can you deal with Google Chrome unknown installer error?

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on February 27th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Trying to download or install Google Chrome on the PC, but keep on getting an unknown installer error message? Right now, even though Google Chrome was considered as one of the most advanced browsers, it at the same time may generate various errors either during downloads or the running processes, for example, Google Chrome error 104 or error 101. In this article, I will show you some solutions on how to deal with Google Chrome unknown installer error.

Google Chrome  installer error

If this is the first time for you to fail to install Google Chrome on the PC because of an unknown error, try re-downloading and reinstalling it a little later as the problem might be temporary. However, if it happens even though you have tried several times, you need to pay more attention as it might be caused a presence of spyware, an add-on issue, a computer virus, or a corrupted file… All of these can severely affect your computer performance if cannot be fixed timely.

Sometimes, the previous cookies on your PC may stop you from installing Google Chrome by showing an unknown installer error. At this time, you should instantly clear your cookies and in many situations deal with the problem. To clear cookies in Google Chrome, go to Tools (the blue wrench icon) > Options > Under the Hood > Clear Browsing Data. Also, you are able to automatically clear your Google Chrome’s cookies and site data whenever you close the browser. Just go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Cookies and select “Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser”.

After the above steps, completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all computer viruses. Viruses are able to hijack any of your online activity to corrupt the Google Chrome installation package or stop you from installing the browser successfully and display an Google Chrome unknown installer error message. Seriously, they are capable of attacking & removing any system files, collecting & stealing your personal info, etc… So, you should run your computer protection program to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all viruses inside. Remember to first update it to the latest virus definition before running the scan.

Finally, you’d better spend several minutes checking and repairing Windows registry errors. Just with the daily usage and constant program install & uninstall, the Windows registry will get larger and larger as time goes. The more bloated the Windows registry becomes, the more unstable your computer will be. This way, registry errors have been the main cause of many computer problems. If the system cannot recall the required entries to install your Google Chrome correctly, an unknown installer error will be shown immediately. If none of the above steps work in solving Google Chrome unknown installer error, it is highly recommended that you should download and run a registry repair tool to completely scan & fix all errors inside the Windows registry database.

In a word, it is inevitable for Google Chrome to generate some unknown errors and stop you from running the browser properly. But stop worrying about the Google Chrome unknown installer error from now on; by following the above steps, you can easily troubleshoot and fix it by yourself.

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