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How can you fix “BOOTMGR is Compressed” error?

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on February 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“BOOTMGR is compressed; Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

Windows startup error

While starting up the PC, it is quite easy for you to get the above error message; but the problem is that, the “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message remails even though you have done as prompted. First of all, you should know that BOOTMGR is a very important system file to boot up the computer properly. If it is compressed, it cannot be used as usual and make the computer boot up fail. Thus, you should take instant actions to troubleshoot and fix this error as quickly as you can.

The first one you should do is to check and make sure that whether there is something wrong with the hard drive. It is likely that an error with the hard disk may stop the computer from reading some files and display a “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message. Just remove the hard drive from your computer and put it in another computer as a secondary HD. Then, boot up the system and if you are able to see the contents of the “Bad” hard drive, copy your data to the primary HD and then you’d better perform a disk checking process if the hard driver was detected correctly. On Win Vista or Win 7 go to RUN – cmd e:\drive (bad one) chkdsk /f and follow the on-screen prompts to go, this will fix the problems on the hard drive 90% of the time. When the scan and repair finishes, put it back into your computer and start it up again. This time, I believe you won’t get a “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message anymore.

Also, a “BOOTMGR is compressed” error can also be caused by outdated drivers on the computer, so you should directly update the drivers when trying to solve this computer error. To update the driver, it is recommended that you can download and run a professional driver detector and update all needed drivers.

Thirdly, you have to well protect your computer against dangerous computer viruses. We know that computer viruses are basically some small programs that contain snippets of code, which can be relatively harmful and dangerous to the PC. Once get onto the computer, they will randomly do whatever they want to slow down the computer by wasting system resources, collect & steal your personal information, or even fully attack your PC & cause data loss… if the system cannot locate the required system file to start up the PC, an “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message will generate immediately. Luckily, you are able to download and run an antivirus program to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all such threats. By the way, to well maintain PC performance you’d better let the computer protection program running in the background. This way, no viruses and no computer startup error message comes onto the PC.

Lastly, you should fix Windows registry errors. The registry is where information you access frequently is stored, for example, personal settings for your desktop and your email settings are stored here. No matter which request the computer send out, it will first read through these database for the corresponding entries before performing it. If it cannot locate the required entries to start up your computer, a “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message will be generated. Besides, the registry can become clogged with unnecessary and useless files as you install/uninstall a program, add/remove a file, making the computer to run slowly, start up sluggishly or pop up with undesired error messages rather than this Windows startup error message … So, you should download and run a registry cleaner tool to scan your registry and correctly fix all errors inside. An error-free registry database will get your computer running like it just came out of the box.

Cannot start up the computer properly due to the “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message? Stop worrying from now on! With the instructions here, you can easily detect all errors causing the issue and make the computer start up & run correctly again!

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