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How can you fix computer shutdown 0X000000d1 error?

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on February 20th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When you shut down the computer, an error message just like the following one will appear suddenly:
“STOP: 0X000000D1 (0X00000060, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0Xbffbb6ec)
DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL address bffbb6ec in ftdisk.sys”
computer error 0X000000D1

The computer shutdown 0X000000D1 error usually comes together with a blue screen, while stops you from shutting down the PC normally. And the only way you can do is to forcibly press the power button to shut it down. But this may bring in some unexpected issues to the PC and shorten the lifespan of the PC.

An error code 0X000000D1 might appear at PC shutdown due to some temporary issues on the computer. So, if this is the first time for your Windows to get blue screen problems, restart it to see whether you can start up the computer normally. No matter whether the problem has been solved or not after a system reboot, it is better that you can read through the following solutions for more knowledge to prevent or easy fix blue screen free.

Secondly, the computer shutdown error 0X000000D1 may happen when there is something wrong with your BIOS settings. To solve it, you need to update BIOS. You can contact hardware vendor for the latest version. But it is recommended that you temporarily disable BIOS memory options, such as shadowing or caching while updating BIOS.

Besides, you still need to update all of your outdated drivers. We all know that, the outdated drivers on the computer will stop some programs or the computer from shutting down with a code 0X000000D1 message properly because of unknown bugs. In this way, the third step that you should do is to check your computer and update all of the outdated drivers, especially the Windows update packs.

Fourthly, check and defragment your disk regularly- We all know that the fragmentation is the result of splitting of files into multiple parts at the time of storing then on the hard drive. In order to access these fragmented files, the hard drives have to spend a lot of time finding the fragmented parts, which will greatly slow down the PC performance. If the system does not respond timely in shutting up the computer, a blue screen error together with an error code 0X000000D1 will be generated. Run the Disk Defragmenter utility and disk check regularly on your computer disk is recommended.

Fifthly, you should try running an adware, spyware, and virus scanner. You can also obtain this software for free in the internet. The scanning here can take a while longer compared to a scan by registry cleaner because it scan your hard drive thoroughly. This is because viruses can destroy the hard disk and remove some files such as iertutil.dll without your knowledge & bring in a computer shutdown error 0X000000D1.

Lastly, the shutdown error code 0X000000D1 can also be caused when something wrong with the computer itself. We all know that the computer can run properly with the help of a database called Windows registry, where all settings and options are saved. However, as you uninstall programs/remove files from the computer, it is unavoidable for some entries left over in this database to severely mess up the whole system. When the system fails to read this database for required entries or processes to perform some certain PC tasks, you will come to the chances to get the error code 0X000000D1. So, if the above method does not help to fix the computer shutdown error 0X000000D1, you should immediately perform a full registry scan with a trusted registry clean utility to remove all registry errors from the computer. With a clean and error-free registry database, you can always run the computer and all installed programs correctly.

When encountering the computer shutdown 0X000000D1 error, just take it easy and perform the above steps one by one to go. I believe one of the above solutions will work for you. If not, leave me a comment and I will try what I can to help you!

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