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How can you get rid of “Boot Disk Failure Insert System Disk” error message?

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on April 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter”

PC startup error

Most of computer users may have experienced the above error message while starting up the computer. Typically, this error appears while the computer fails to boot up properly due to various errors existing on the PC. You need to learn how to get rid of this “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error message instantly so as to run the computer properly.

When getting the “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error message in booting up the PC, you need to first check whether there is something wrong with the boot disk. Sometimes, a dust on the surface of the disk can stop you from starting up the computer properly. At this time, you should check the installation CD/DVD for scratches, smudges or test it directly on other machine.

If your computer still fails to boot, you can instantly run disk error checking under the Windows Recovery Console. To do this, carefully follow these steps:
*When starting up the computer, select Recovery Console from the startup options menu.
*Type your Administrator password if promoted.
*Type Recovery Console commands within the command prompt. By the way, you can refer to the commands that are listed in the “Available commands within Windows Recovery Console” section.
*Type Help for a list of available commands when needed at any time.
*Type Help commandname for help on a specific command when needed
*Once you are in the Windows Recovery Console mode, type “chkdsk” command to check the specified drive and repair or recover the drive. Also, this command will mark any bad sectors and repair them automatically.
* When you have finished the disk error check process, type “Exit” at the command line to exist the Windows Recovery Console.

By the way, it is quite important that you can try accessing the Windows BIOS to restore to the default settings. Just restart your computer, and press Delete button at the same time to bring up the BIOS setup/configuration/option page/setting; here, find the option called Default configuration, click on it and save configuration. Most of the time, this helps to get rid of the “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error message within clicks.

After the above steps, you will be able to start up the computer correctly. But to stop “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error message from happening again and again, you still need to note that some virus infection can also bring in the appearance of the Disk Boot Failure error by hijacking and re-directing your web search results. What is more, viruses are able to attack and remove any file like cmicnfg.cpl from your computer to bring in more serious PC issue. Hence, you should run your antivirus antispyware program regularly and let it running in the background to check & block threats at any time.

Finally, you should check and fix computer registry errors. According to a statistics, we can learn that more than 90% of computers have problems with corrupt or invalid registry entries right now. Registry errors have been the main cause for many computer errors as the registry database is used to store all setting and information of the computer to ensure it smooth running. If it should not be fixed timely, you will come to get errors ranging from “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error to frequent computer crashes or system not working at all. To clean up the registry errors, you can easily download and run a registry cleaner utility to do the job for you as they are designed with advanced technology to analyze and fix all registry errors.

Well, a “Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk” error message usually happens at PC startup, indicating some errors on the PC. If cannot be troubleshooted and fixed timely, it may cause some other serious errors to the PC. Follow the above steps now and you can boot up & launch the computer correctly.

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