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How can you instantly deal with BSOD error code 0X00000F4?

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on April 2nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

“BSOD: A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. Error code: 0X000000f4 (0X0000000000000003, 0Xfffffa8004f41710, 0X5fa8004f419f0, 0X5f80002fd18b0)”

fix BSOD error

While working on the computer, you will find it suddenly shut down because of a blue screen together with the above error code 0X000000f4 displaying, making all of your on-working projects go like a smoke. Well, according to my own experience, a rare BSOD error message is acceptable; however, if it appears too frequently, you need to take instant actions to troubleshoot & deal with it soon so as to prevent some unexpected PC damages.

The blue screen error is caused by many critical problems within the computer. The first thing you should do when getting an error code 0X000000f4 blue screen of death is to cool down the computer. If the computer is overheating, there is no doubt that BSODs errors will happen again and again. For computers, a cooling pad will do better in reducing the temperature of your system. And for desktops, try investing in a better cooling and fan system. It is also a good idea to place your laptop on a smooth cool surface.

After restarting the computer, scan and remove all PC viruses. Remember that the common symptoms of a virus-compromised computer should be: a greatly slow running computer, frequent popping-up many unknown errors, constant displaying of ads windows, unexpected Windows Explorer problems, random PC reboots, or blue error screen and so on. In other word, when your computer is infected, you will soon find the computer run abnormally with many blue screen error codes such as error code 0X000000f4. To well secure the computer and your personal information, do remember to install and run an antivirus antispyware program in the background all the time.

Thirdly, do remember to check and install all available Windows update services. Windows updates are release to protect your computer’s security and reliability by solving some bugs in the older version. Some will contain a fix to deal with the BSOD error code 0X000000f4. So, do remember to always download and install all required Windows updates. It is best that you can set Windows to automatically install recommended updates at a time that you specify.

However, if you encounter an error code 0X000000f4 blue screen problem while installing some updates, the problem might be caused due to an incompatible driver, system service, virus programs, or backup. So to prevent and avoid blue screen problems while upgrading, try removing all third-party device drivers and system services and get them back when you are able to install the necessary updates.

If all the steps above do not work to solve the BSOD error code 0X000000f4, the reason must rely on the computer itself. As what I have said previously, Windows registry is importantly needed to ensure the stable running of the computer; however, a severe error in Windows registry can most of the time turn into an unbootable system and results in different kinds of computer error messages. As time goes, such problems make the system fail to read registry files or the stored data become inaccessible, too. So, the last suggestion here for you to deal with BSOD error code 0X000000f4 is to directly download and run a powerful registry cleaning tool. Such tool is designed to completely scan & fix all registry errors quickly & safely.

In a word, a BSOD error code 0X000000f4 indicates either a hardware or software issue, which may bring in irreparable consequences to the computer. Directly follow the above steps right now, and you will soon get the computer run properly without frustrating error codes.

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