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How can you resolve certificate error navigation blocked?

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on March 21st, 2013 | Leave a comment

Some IE users complain that when trying to access some pages, they keep on getting an error message indicating that “Certificate Error: Navigation Blocked” and sometimes they were directed to some other strange pages. Typically, such an error message might happen when the certificate on the server has expired. And it can also happen when there is something wrong with the web browser itself. No matter what is the cause, here you may get a possible solution to fix it.

IE certificate error

To deal with the certificate error navigation blocked error, first you can first check and reset the security settings on your own browser. This is the measure in place to help protect you while you are browsing the web. Directly follow these steps to adjust the settings:

*Click the wrench icon tools menu on the browser toolbar.
*Select Settings.
* Click Show advanced settings.
* Then you can adjust the setting of these aspects. By the way, it is highly recommended that you can adjust them to medium level:
Phishing and malware protection
SSL certificates and settings
Web content settings

After resetting the security settings, you’d better delete cookies and other site data. The data includes your browsing and download history, cache, cookies, passwords, and saved form data on the web browser can sometimes bring in the appearance of the certificate error navigation blocked message and stop you from visiting the desired pages correctly. You can directly use the “Clear browsing data” dialog to delete all your data or just a portion of your data, and stop the happening of the connection error.
*Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
*Select Tools and select Clear browsing data.
*In the appearing dialog, select the checkboxes for the types of information you want to remove.
*Then, you can use the menu at the top to select the amount of data which you want to get rid of and then custom the time range.
*Click Clear browsing data.

Thirdly, it is also the case that some viruses & spyware on the computer will block you from visiting some sites correctly and display a certificate error navigation blocked message. We know that viruses have the ability to hijack the Internet habits and navigate you to some unknown pages or show you an certificate error or a network DNS error when you type in an address. What is more, viruses are capable of collecting & stealing your online & offline account, making them exposed to more risks. So the third thing you should do when getting the certificate error navigation blocked message is to thoroughly scan your whole system & remove all PC threats.

Last but not least, clean up Windows registry errors. Errors in Windows registry is also the major cause of the certificate error navigation blocked message when the browser cannot locate the corresponding entries to display the web you are browsing. Meanwhile, you should immediately download and run a registry cleaning tool to thoroughly scan & remove clean up all registry errors. A registry cleaner is readily available to free download on the internet and can show how many errors on your PC. Importantly, it can clean and repair system registry to stop them from appearing in the future.

One of the above solutions will work to deal with the certificate error navigation blocked on your computer, allowing you to surf the desired webpage correctly. By the way, to prevent such an unexpected error in browsing a page, it is highly recommended that you can keep on performing the above steps to maintain both of your web browser and your entire computer.

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