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How come a computer won’t install programs?

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on November 7th, 2012 | Leave a comment

During the usage of the computer, we need to install various kinds of programs onto the PC so as to perform some certain computer functions. But have you ever encountered an error (eg, error code 1603) while trying to install a program on the PC? I think, you may at some point get some unexpected error messages in installing an error code upon installing a certain program on the PC. But how come a computer won’t install programs and what you should do when fail to install a program successfully?

First of all, you should bear in mind that if your Operating System supports the program which is designed for 32-bit and you are installing a program of 64-bit then the Operating System will generate an error in installing the program. So either you should install the same software of 32-bit or you have to upgrade your Operating System which supports 64-bit.

Secondly, to prevent and fix errors in installing a program, you should run your anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all PC threats immediately. Besides, to always ensure the security of the computer and important data, it is highly recommended to let your computer protection programs running in the background all the time.

Thirdly, an error during the program installation can be caused by outdated drivers on the computer, so you should directly update the drivers when trying to solve this computer error. To update the driver, it is recommended that you can download and run a professional driver detector and update all needed drivers.

Then, you should try a SFC scan to check for any corrupt system files as some missing or corrupted files on the PC will stop you from installing programs properly by showing different kinds of error messages. To do a SFC scan, follow the steps below:

* Click on Start, in the Start search bar type cmd and then press enter.
* If you get any User account control prompts, click on continue.
* Then type sfc /scannow within the box and then press enter to go.
* Insert your Windows installation disk if it prompts for a disk.
* Then it will automatically scan and fix all errors inside your PC.

Fifthly, if something wrong with the Windows installer engine, you may fail to do the install/uninstall job correctly. If you are not able to fix the error with the above solutions, directly reregister the installer engine also helps to fix the Windows installer problem.
*Click Start > Accessories > Command Prompt.
*First type MSIExec / unregister into the command prompt, then press Enter and type MSIExec / regserver
*After the re-registration job, try to install or reinstall your program again.

Finally, any invalid value in registry editor can also generate error in installing a program. If above mentioned steps are unable to solve the situation then there may be registry problem. You need to remove invalid registry key value in order to solve the problem. But this is very sensitive task and any mistake while deleting registry keys can also result into serious system troubles. Sometimes users may face complete system crash and irreparable problems. So, it should be performed only by IT experts.

Just as what I have ever said in the first paragraph, it is inevitable for us to encounter an error message in installing a program. Hence, this is no need to worry too much when receiving a problem upon installing an application. If you can, take the above steps one by one, and you will finally install your programs correctly.

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