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How do I fix System Service Exception?

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on April 2nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

It seems lots of PC users having multiple BSOD error with the same issue: System Service Exception… It can happen on the most random occasions, when they are on web surfing, typing a word document, or playing a game….It is really annoying and will stop you from using the computer pleasantly. But how do you fix BSOD System Service Exception error effectively?

Windows BSOD error

Whenever finding a System Service Exception BSOD error message appears on the PC, directly restart the computer. Sometimes, the issue can be solved after a system reboot if it was caused due to a temporary issue on the machine. No matter this works or not, keep on reading and you will get some helpful solutions on how to do.

First of all, completely remove the Virus/Spyware – We all know that computer viruses are very dangerous because they are able to hijack other executables on your system and embed their code (application logic) inside other applications. This way, after getting on the computer secretly, they will collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any files from the PC, reset your computer/browsers’ default settings, etc. When they remove a system required file like XMD.dll and the computer cannot use it to perform some requests correctly, a blue screen error together with a message saying System Service Exception will appear. Run your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware to get rid of the virus or spyware you have on your computer right now. Besides, you should run it in the background all the time to check and remove any potential & existing threats.

Secondly, make sure that there are not too many programs running at once. No matter which program you run on the computer, it will call the system for available resource to run correctly. When there are not enough systems for the computer to load these programs, a System Service Exception blue screen error will happen. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete together to bring the Task Manage, find and quit the unwanted programs immediately.

Thirdly, you should find correct drivers and keep them up to date in order to prevent blue screen error in future. The driver is such a program that helps to establish a relationship between the hardware and your computer, to make it run properly. However, the outdated drivers will stop them to do this job correctly and bring in the annoying blue screen error messages. So, do remember to check & install all available drivers & Windows update service packs on your PC. All these helps to ensure a pleasant computer life together enhance computer performance easily.

Finally, you need to fix Windows registry problems. The Windows registry database is that helpful, but nagging component of the computer that can either help you, or give you some troubles. That is, though the registry acts as a depository that stores information, a simple error in this database can result in some unexpected problems to the PC at the same time, causing your computer to freeze, crash, run slower, and constantly receive error messages. Hence, when getting the blue screen with System Service Exception error message, do remember to run a registry cleanup utility to completely scan & fix all errors insides your registry database. Believe me, with a clean registry database you can always run a smooth computer pleasantly.

Typically, many aspects can bring in a sudden System Service Exception error message together with a blue screen, stopping you from using the machine correctly as usual. However, the simple instructions above will deeply troubleshoot all these issues and fix the BSOD System Service Exception error for you.

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