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How do you fix a 0X00000016 BSOD for Windows computer?

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on April 11th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“STOP: 0X00000016″

Windows BSOD error

It is quite easy for you to get one of the above 0X00000016 BSOD error message while using a Windows computer. Such an error may appear unexpectedly no matter what you are doing on the computer – browse a webpage, play games, see movies or even work on a very important project… I am magic how crazy you are when the computer shuts down suddenly with a blue screen when you are really working on something urgent. But how do you fix a 0X00000016 BSOD for Windows computer?

The 0X00000016 blue screen error can be a temporary problem because of a new update causes the file to skip its loading process, or it could have just been a one off error. So if this is the first time you get the error, just restart your PC with no doubt. This will quickly clear the system’s RAM and provide another chance for the computer to boot smoothly. If this does not solve the problem, go to step 2.

Secondly, it is highly advised that you can run a thorough virus scan to detect and remove all threats from the computer. Viruses are notoriously known for eating up computer resources or removing system cord files. Once there is not enough RAM for the computer to load the system or some programs; or when the computer fail to recall some needed files at system or program starts, the annoying blue screen error with STOP error code 0X00000016 will happen. If you have not scanned for your computer for a very longer time, do it now. But it is better that you can let your antivirus antispyware programs running in the background to realtime block and remove PC threats.

By the way, you still need to make sure that the must be enough available disk space on your Windows partition. Blue screen error messages and other serious issues, like Cyclic Redundancy Check error, data corruption, can be occurred if there’s not enough free space on computer which is used for the Windows operating system.

Thirdly, you have to check and make sure that you are using the latest version of the appropriate driver for your graphics card. I have ever seen many cases where failing to do so resulted in similar blue screen errors for Source engine games. By the way, you should have all device drivers updated to the latest version and make sure that you have installed all available computer service packs. This is the first assurance that you should do if trying to enjoy a computer without blue screen errors with STOP error code 0X00000016 or other computer problems. By the way, it is better that you can create a system restore point before doing anything and ensure that the drivers you are installing are official drivers from the manufacturer for your graphics chipset.

Finally, you need to take steps to clean up Windows registry and repair corrupted files. We know that Windows registry is the place that used to store all vital settings and options for the system. With its help, the computer can always run properly as expected. However, as you uninstall programs/remove files, it will be very easy to get corrupted with thousands of broken/missing entries, causing a 0X00000016 BSOD error to appear on every Windows computer. So, you can quickly download and run a registry cleaner program to detect and fix all errors inside Windows registry.

Are you still looking for a solution to “how do you fix a 0X00000016 BSOD for Windows computer”? Do you want to run the computer stably all the time without sudden blue screen errors? Troubleshoot the PC with the above instructions and you will soon enjoy a pleasant PC life!

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