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How to fix 0Xc000000f error? Resolve 0Xc000000f error instantly

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on March 20th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Getting a 0Xc000000f error message and cannot start up the computer as normally? It is quite common for some PC users to get an error message saying something similar to the following one:
“Windows Boot Manager – Error 0Xc000000f
An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.”

resolve error 0Xc000000f

Because of this annoying error message, lots of users fail to start up the computer properly and then cannot use the PC as expected. Just follow me and you will be able to resolve 0Xc000000f error instantly.

Sometimes you can instantly turn off the computer and start it a little later to see whether the error 0Xc000000f was fixed or not. In some cases, this error can be caused by some incorrect settings within the computer.

Secondly, the error may have been caused by configuration settings of Windows being changed. If the Local Policy Rights settings have been altered, then Windows may not have permission to access certain settings that it needs to run your program, causing the appearance of the error 0Xc000000f message. Follow these steps:

*Log On windows as an administrator.
* Run Local Computer Policy Snap In.
* Open Local Computer Policy and expand Computer Configuration.
* In Computer Configuration open Windows Settings and then open Security Settings.
* Now open Local Policies and click on User Rights Assignment.
* Right click in the Windows on right, Log On as a service and then click on Properties.
* Now click on Add Users or Group, select the user which you want to add to the policy and press OK.
* Close Local Computer Policy Snap In.

By the way, you can also restore BIOS settings to their default levels so as to deal with the 0Xc000000f error message. A incorrect setting within the BIOS can also bring in the appearing of such a computer error.
* Press F1 or F2 to enter CMOS setup during windows boot
* To fix 0Xc000000f Error, you should find out and click an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults.
* You would be asked if you are sure you wish to load the defaults, press Y key in your keyboard.
* Save and Exit BIOS to confirm the action to fix 0Xc000000f error.
After all the above steps, make sure that the computer is clean from some unknown threats. We all know that computer virus is a small program which is designed to infect an operating system for damaging or corrupting data, changing data, or degrading the performance of your system by utilizing resources such as memory or disk space. What is more, they are able to get onto the computer secretly without the permission of the PC users and do whatever they want. When some files are mis-removed from the PC and the system cannot load them correctly, you will fail to boot up the computer and get a 0Xc000000f error message (How to fix exe errors manually). Just run your antivirus antispyware program to thoroughly scan and remove all PC threats right now.

The final thing you need to do when trying to resolve 0Xc000000f error is to check & repair Windows registry. We know that the registry is like a giant index which tells the operating system where everything is located, what resources it uses, and what settings to use when running it. That is to say, no matter which program you want to launch on the PC, it will first recall the registry database for corresponding entries. If part of the registry is corrupt and cannot be correctly read, you will start to get the error 0Xc000000f in PC startup or dreaded blue screen of death or even cannot shut down the computer. It is very easy for you to fix these errors by running a registry repair tool regularly. These tools are designed to thoroughly scan and remove all errors inside the registry database, returning you an error-free system within clicks.

In a word, an error code like error 0Xc000000f while starting up the PC or in the middle of using the computer can drive you mad. However, they are quite easy to be fixed instantly with some simple solutions. Insisting on doing the above steps right now and you will soon solve code 0Xc000000f error on your own!

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