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How to fix a 550 error on Gmail?

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on April 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When sending emails from Gmail, the users will commonly receive a 550 error message saying that “550-No Such User Here 550 Sender verify failed (state 14)”. However, there is not enough solutions to this 550 error on Gmail when searching through the Google. Don’t worry if you are facing with the same error message. Here, take my own experience as an example, I am going to show you how to fix a 550 error on Gmail easily.

fix error 550

If you are using a scenario which is considered relay, it is better that you can send the message through your current connection’s server. This means that you will not be able to use your ISP to connect to the Internet if you are at work or away from home; if wanting to send a message from your home ISP e-mail account, you have to change your e-mail account settings to specify the SMTP server used at your location, for example, your work SMTP server.

Secondly, to fix 550 error on Gmail, you still need to ensure that you have configured the date and time format on your computer correctly. Almost all Instant Messengers need to work in realtime. So, the mistaken date and time settings of your computer can be a main cause for the error 80048820. If they are incorrect, simply open the Date and Time Properties dialog box by double-clicking on the time displayed in the bottom-right corner of the desktop to check and correct them.

Also, you can update your Windows Operating System to automatically fix the 550 error on your computer. To do this, directly perform the below steps:
* Obtain your prefer Microsoft operating system (such as XP, Vista, etc.)
* Backup all your files to disk or other form of media to save your important files.
*Uninstall the current operating system.
* Load the new operating system you have just acquired.
* Follow the on screen prompts to continue.
* Once complete, be sure to restart your computer to make every change take effect.
* Try sending or receiving emails via Gmail again and you won’t get a 550 error any more.

After the above steps, clean up any registry errors on your computer. Some users will ignore this when encountering the 550 error on Gmail without realizing that registry is the main component of the computer. Registry contains all the settings and options of the computer so when something goes wrong, numerous error will come on the neck of another. So do remember to scan and fix your registry problems with a trusted registry repair utility.

Follow the above steps right now, and you will be able to easily troubleshoot the 550 error on Gmail and deal with it on your own. Then, there won’t be any problem in sending or receiving emails via your Gmail account.

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