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How to fix computer freeze? Optimize PC performance now

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on March 6th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Does your computer suddenly stop working and you do not know how to fix computer freeze? There are tons of reasons as to why this could happen at any time, no matter you are running a new or an old computer. I can magic how crazy you are upon the sudden PC freezes in playing a game or writing a very important project… Yeah, nothing can be more frustrating than finding the computer stop working or freeze suddenly before saving all of your on-working documents. Start optimizing your PC performance from now on; and you will be able to stop such worry easily!
optimize PC performance

The first and most common cause for why your computer freezes randomly is because of overheating. We all know that when the computer runs, it usually generates a lot of heat and this is why there are some fans inside. However, if your computer runs overheated, it will act in very strange ways, including restarting the PC itself or shutting down randomly. So, if finding your computer gets too hot, close it down for a few minutes and restart them when it is much cooler.

Secondly, always well protect your computer with an anti-virus/spyware program. As we all know that virus will always create garbage in the PC registry, automatically load some unnecessary services and things that will reduce the PC performance, or make the computer freeze at any time. So it is necessary to always update the anti-virus installed on your computer to make sure that you are always using the latest virus database. Then, regularly detect and remove any threat that inside on your computer.

Thirdly, if there are still too many programs running, sometime it will consume a very longer time to response on your request and sometimes cause computer freezes. So just type “Msconfig” from Start to disable some unneeded startup items. What is more, when finding any programs unnecessary, timely uninstall it from the PC. This helps not only free up some precious disk space, but also optimize PC performance effectively.

What is you, you need to make sure the Windows is always updated. The next step is to optimize computer performance is to make sure that Windows and all drivers are up to date. This way, the computer can access all files it wants correctly as well as improve PC performance, avoiding some unexpected errors just like “The audio service is not running” error & random PC freezes. To update the Windows, you can simply follow the solutions here:

*Click “Start” > “All Programs” > “Windows Update”
*Download all available updates for your system
*Restart your PC

By the way, if you are encountering some Windows update errors like update error code 800736B3, you can directly visit this post.

After the above steps, you still need to clean out Windows registry. If you know something about the computer, I believe you know that registry is very important for the proper running of a computer and all programs, and should be good taken care of. If you delete a necessary file improperly, or when some files go missing as you uninstall/install a program, the computer will not perform properly & display various error messages, or even freeze at any time. Hence, to fix computer freezes as well as optimize PC performance, you’d better run a registry cleaner tool to check and fix registry errors. It will thoroughly scan your computers registry to look for & remove obsolete, useless junk data and fix any registry errors. This helps to reduce the size of the registry, sometimes substantially to make the computer clean and compact all the time. This, subsequently, reduces registry lookup times and greatly improves your computer performance.

Want to fix computer freezes easily? Desire to retrieve enjoyable computer experience without random PC freezes? Optimize your PC performance with the best PC optimization tool here; then you can always enjoy a pleasant computer life all the time.

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