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How To Fix Oci.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors?

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on March 12th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Several users report that when trying to start up the computer or launch a certain program, they keep on getting a message saying something like oci.dll is missing or not found. Even if they are able to click the “OK” button to temporarily get rid of this annoying error message, the same one appears in the next time computer restart. What is more, it may stop some programs from running properly by either failing to start up or even suddenly crashing during the running. Well, stop worrying about this oci.dll error from now on, and I will show you how to fix it as quickly as you can.

oci.dll not found

What usually causes an oci.dll missing error?
* You may receive an oci.dll not found error when your computer is not updated to the latest version.
* When there are corrupted or damage entries in Windows registry, you may also come to the chance to get the oci.dll error message.
* Sometimes, the oci.dll file may have been removed from the computer without your knowledge and cause the dll error.
* Your computer may be seriously attacked by some computer viruses or spyware programs.

Fix Oci.dll not found error instantly
To fix oci.dll error, the first thing that you need to know is what the error message is telling you: neither the oci.dll file is missing nor has been corrupted by something else nor then results in problem just like: explorer.exe-unable to locate component: application oci.dll not found. If the file is missing, you can actually copy the file name and then paste it in a search engine query to see if you can directly replace it with one that is intact. By replacing the missing or corrupted oci.dll file on your computer, you can quickly fix the error on your computer.

Secondly, you can also re-install the programs using the oci.dll file. This can be easily done by going to “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs” and then uninstall the program which shows the dll error message. Then, you can re-install the software if you need it, which should fix any of the possible issues that could cause the errors. Sometimes, the oci.dll error can be caused because of program conflicts. If you do not need the programs any more, just remove it permanently; but if you need it, you can turn to other alternative software.

Thirdly, you still have to remove computer threats which can get onto your PC without your knowledge so as to fix oci.dll not found error. Typically, the common symptoms for a virus-compromised computer are: completely slow running computer, kinds of unknown popping up error messages, random PC shutdowns/reboots, or blue error screens, etc. If any of the errors appears on your PC, it is no doubt that your computer is likely infected by viruses. What is more, they are able to attack & remove the oci.dll file from the PC, causing the happen of oci.dll error messages. Be assured that your computer is well protected with a professional antivirus antispyware program.

Lastly, you’d better detect and fix Windows registry errors. This is a very important and necessary tip that you should do when trying to fix oci.dll not found error. Registry is a database for Windows-based operating system to store all important settings and options so as to ensure the proper running of the computer. However, a corrupted registry with invalid/broken/missing entries would bring aberration to your computer such as various oci.dll error messages, computer freeze, blue screen errors and even computer crashes. Hence, to fix oci.dll error loading messages, you need to clean up registry errors immediately with a best registry repair tool. It helps not only remove the dll error messages, but also return you a completely faster computer without PC freezes, BSOD.

Well, want to start up the computer and launch your desired programs properly all the time without an oci.dll error message? If so, get the best computer repair tool here; it will completely scan your whole PC for any errors & repair them entirely. Moreover, it may re-register the dll files or some other system files easily for you, getting rid of the oci.dll not found error within minutes.

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