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How to fix Windows XP freezing? Stop XP from freezing effectively

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Does your Windows XP freeze at various times? Even though Window XP is thought to be a much stable operating system, it is still not perfect by showing kinds of error messages or stop responding randomly. Actually, all Windows-based computers will freeze up if it is not well taken care of. But how to fix Windows XP freezing issue and make it run correctly all the time? I do hope the following guides help you!

stop XP from freezing

The first cause for the why Windows XP keeps freezing should be that the computer is too hot. We know that computer components are more powerful than ever, however a piece of silicon hardware can produce an enormous amount of heat. This is the most common cause for random computer crashes. For this concern, when seeing your computer fan clogged with cake like dust, you should clean it timely to prevent a computer freezing due to overheating.

Secondly, run your antivirus software to get rid of all threats inside your computer. The most viruses on the computer, the slower your system will be and the more chances for your Windows XP to freeze up as they can eat up a large amount of system resources. The antivirus programs prevent your computer from viruses or spywares and delete them instantly from the computer.

Thirdly, your Windows XP computer will also freeze up when there are too many unwanted programs installed on the PC. Besides, some unneeded startup items will greatly eat up precious system resource to bring in unexpected computer booting up problem or random computer lock-up issues. Hence, you should check for unnecessary programs that could be running without your knowledge and directly disable all the unnecessary programs by using “MSCONFIG”. Also, you should go to Start, Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs to locate and uninstall all unwanted programs from the computer. This helps to easily maintain PC performance as well as stop XP from freezing effectively.

Besides software maintenance, regular hardware maintenance is also needed. This means that it is needed to do some jobs like cleaning dust. After being used for sometime, the computer may get dusty inside for the fan that pulls hot air outsides are always pulling in air, which laden with tiny particles of dust. When these particles cling to electronics, they act like a blanket to hold in heat. And the dusts always stay at the biggest heat producers like CPU, heatsink, and video card. So a cleaning dust is necessary regularly in order to maintain the PC performance and prevent unexpected computer freezing. If possible, please keep the area around your computer as dust-free as possible.

The final and the most important factor to fix Windows XP freezing issue has something to do with the registry. Registry is the database that used to store settings and information for hardware, operating system software, and non-operating system software. The settings and information that packed in registry keys are really vital to the Windows operating system to perform every hardware/software correctly. That is to say, the Windows system needs to access the key value before allotting proper resources to programs. When something goes missing, broken or corrupted, it will fail for the system to perform the order well as freezing up. Hence, you should clean up Windows registry regularly to get rid of all existing and potential errors. This will make the computer always run at top performance without problems.

As you can learn from the above steps, if you are able to well maintain the computer in daily life, you can instantly stop XP from freezing time and time again. Starting performing and insist on doing them from now on, I believe you can run a smooth running computer all the time.

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