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How to Fully Uninstall Mamutu from Your Computer with Great Ease

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on February 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment


Mamutu monitors in real time all active programs for dangerous behavior and blocks malicious activities. If you’ve got to uninstall any versions of Mamutu then you’ve come to the right place because I will set you up with the best removal plan for uninstalling security program. Let’s take a look at options useful for Mamutu removal.

Follow the steps below to uninstalling the Mamutu

1. Close all browsers opened.

2. Click on the Start button to bring out the menu, and then choose Control Panel

3. Choose Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP; choose Uninstall a program on Windows 7 or Vista.

4. Scroll through the list until you locate the Mamutu, and then choose Remove or Uninstall. (Depends on your operating system)

5. Upon choosing the remove option, select Yes to continue the removal.

6. After the removal finishes, restart your computer.


When to fully uninstall WindowsCareTool, you have to identify several files in the registry and then delete them after remove the program with its own uninstaller.


The last step comes to accessing the registry editor and deleting the related registry entries.

Click on Run icon on the Start Menu, then type regedit to activate the Registry Editor. Find and delete those related keys like:




After you have deleted any components of Mamutu that were present, you should restart your computer. If you are not experienced or comfortable with using Windows search or Registry Editor, you might consider skipping the steps above and deploy a professional removal tool. Such program is Perfect Uninstaller which will automatically detect Mamutu and have it removed once receiving your command. With Perfect Uninstaller, you can also easily get rid of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus or IE Privacy Keeper.


Mamutu Force Uninstall instruction

1. Quit all the running programs on your system.

2. Force Uninstall (one directory a time, multifiles a time by left click to select)

3. Right click each of the directories (or selected files) to select “Uninstall With Perfect Uninstaller” to start the removal. (Also note that the Perfect Uninstaller is not running on your computer when you are going to force Uninstall)

4. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal.

5. Repeat the Force Uninstall process until all the directories and files of Mamutu are gone.

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