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How to Fully Uninstall or Remove SysInternals Suite from Your PC

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SysInternals Suite is a full package of the very useful utilities that includes Mark Russinovich’s set of applications, also known as the Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities. Many of features really aren’t for PC novices. Are you one of users don’t need this application anymore? How can you completely and thoroughly remove SysInternals Suite from your computer? Have you ever run into problems with program unintallation? In this article you will get to know about some useful ways of uninstalling SysInternals Suite.

Remove SysInternals Suite on Windows with default uninstaller

1. Press the ‘Start’ button in the corner of your screen.

2. Navigate to SysInternals Suite and highlight the program.

3. Click the ‘Uninstall’ button.

4. Follow the instructions and wait for windows to finish the process.

The uninstaller will remove most settings automatically, but may leave a number of folders and files behind. To completely delete SysInternals Suite, configure Windows as directed by Microsoft.com to show hidden files and folders. Open the Start menu and “Control Panel.” Click “Appearance and personalization” and select “Folder Options.” Click the tab labeled “View” and click “Show hidden files and folders” under “Advanced Settings.” Click “OK.” In Microsoft XP, you can find the “Folder Options” in the Tools menu in Windows Explorer.

The above method is about how to uninstall an unwanted program from your computer. However, if you are not experienced with computer, this method is not always effective. Sometimes it just fails to uninstall the SysInternals Suite completely. If you want to uninstall the SysInternals Suite completely, it is highly recommended you to use a reliable uninstall tool.

Why You Should use an uninstall tool?

A reliable and powerful uninstall tool will do three things below:

1. Remove the unwanted programs.

2. Scan your hard drives to find out any related files and delete these files.

3. Scan your registry to find out any related files and delete these files.

Perfect Uninstaller is specifically designed to get you out of the trouble to remove programs completely and automatically. With it, you can uninstall SysInternals Suite easily, wiping out its files or entries completely. Except to uninstall SysInternals Suite, you can also use it to fully uninstall more 8start Launcher within a few clicks.

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