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How to Fully Uninstall Orca Browser for Windows 7 – Orca Browser Removal Guide

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on November 16th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Orca Browser is an extremely fast and user friendly web browser designed to add more functions on to the latest version of Firefox. Wanting to remove Orca Browser but have no idea? Are you ready for an Orca Browser removal experience? What is the convenient way to remove Windows program from computer? With the following instruction, you are able to effortlessly uninstall Orca Browser from Windows.

Tutorial for manually remove Orca Browser from your computer

1. Click Tools on the top of the browser. Then click Add-ons.

2. Locate to Extensions and then select the Orca Browser on the list.

3. Click on the Uninstall button for the Orca Browser and it will be uninstalled from your browser.

4. Click the Uninstall button to confirm you want to uninstall the Orca Browser.


Then remove all files of Orca Browser and clean up registry:

1. Click run and go to search

2. Search a folder called Orca Browser in your computer

3. Right click the folder and choose delete

4. Click Start – go to run – type in regedit

5. In register editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWAR – delete Orca Browser


Notes: if you encounter problems with deleting any files, you need a third party uninstaller to force uninstall it. If you think manual uninstall is too complicated, you can use a third party uninstaller to easily remove Orca Browser.


How to Automatically Uninstall Orca Browser Once and For All

Do you know that you can uninstall Orca Browser from your PC within minutes? How to achieve? The effective method is to using an automated tool such as the highly recommended “Perfect Uninstaller” program. Downloading the uninstaller program from the internet and then make sure that you install the software in your computer. The easy to use and friendly user interface will guide you uninstall unwanted software as well as removing the registry information that can not be completely deleted in the normal way.


Trying to delete Everest Ultimate Edition or Adobe Flash Player 8 manually can be a very difficult task. By downloading an uninstall program you will be able to completely remove problematic software once and for all.

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