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How to get rid of error message “Not a valid win32 application”?

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on April 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

When you start a Microsoft program or launch a game, you may receive an error message saying similar to the following one:
“C:\Program Files\myprogram\program.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

Win32 application error

Thus, the program or game may fail to perform correctly as usual. I have also received some emails from some customers asking me how to get rid of the error message “Not a valid win32 application”. Typically, it was caused when the required file is corrupt/broken; or not designed for your version of Windows. Sometimes, a virus infection can also cause such an application error message to appear. No matter what it is the cause, here you can get some solutions to get rid of error message “Not a valid win32 application” instantly.

Just as what I have ever said in the previous paragraph, some system files might be attacked and removed by the viruses. A missing/corrupted system file can also stop you from running a program properly and display a “Not a valid win32 application” error message. The first thing you should do right now is to check and repair all missing system files. To do this, just go to Start, run, type “sfc /scannow” in command prompt, click Enter, follow the on-screen steps to scan all protected files and automatically replace the incorrect files.

Secondly, you have to scan and remove all PC viruses. Right now, all computers are bound to get infected with a computer virus, worm, Trojan horse or any type of malware in one point or another even though it is only for daily usage. This is because there are literally thousands of malicious programs and software floating in the web; and you will get infected by a simple program download or via an email attachment. Once install on the computer secretly, they will seriously cause slow computer performance, strange web browser redirections from dodgy websites or frequent popping-up ads…If a file that required by the system to launch the programs was removed by a virus, you will soon get a “Not a valid win32 application” error message in installing or running the program. Directly scan your PC with a professional antivirus antispyware program, and remove all PC viruses immediately. Then, you will be able to get all desired programs installed on your PC.

By the way, you still need to make sure that you do have the newest NET Framework installed on the computer. If not, this will stop you from running some programs correctly by showing the error messages. Directly download other compatible versions of NET Framework and you can solve the error and make your desired programs work correctly without a “Not a valid win32 application” error message.

However, one of the most common causes for the “Not a valid win32 application” error message on computer is a corrupt registry database. Registry is a place that stores all settings and information of the software & hardware on the PC to tell it when and how to perform every computer request correctly. Helpful however, it is quite easy to get corrupt or broken as you install or uninstall a program incompletely, or when the PC gets infected… causing the computer to run improperly all the time. When the system cannot locate the required entries to access your files, folders, you should instantly get an error message saying “Not a valid win32 application”. To permanently get rid of shortcut error on computer and maintain the smooth running of the computer, you’d better fix registry errors regularly. You can do this by simply downloading a freeware registry cleaner on the market and run it to detect & fix all errors automatically. This way, you will be able to run the computer properly all the time without any errors.

Cannot run your desired program because of a “Not a valid win32 application” error message? Want to instantly get rid of the error message “Not a valid win32 application”? Download and run the Registry Easy utility here; it deeply scans the whole PC and repairs all errors causing such application error within clicks.

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