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How to get rid of “fatal error no language file was found” messages?

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on January 21st, 2013 | Leave a comment

Does your computer start showing the message “fatal error no language file was found”? Do you fail to get rid of this error message either in normal mode or safe mode? Yeah, it is quite common for you to encounter some weird error messages in the middle of using the computer. Just read on and here you will get solutions on how to get rid of this computer error message as quickly as you can.

fatal computer error

First of all, you can try to start your computer into safe mode when getting the “fatal error no language file was found” error message to see whether it disappears or not. If it persists, it is no difficult to tell that some hardware devices causing the error message to happen. At this time, check and make sure that all of your hardware is working correctly without errors. If the error message still appears, keep on reading for solutions to solve the error on your own.

Secondly, we know that a software driver or a device driver is one that allows interaction of the operating system with a hardware device to perform any proper PC function. However, if you have a corrupt, out of date or incorrect driver, you would see the affects that it makes to your computer and the performance, for example, it will cause the “fatal error no language file was found” error messages when your system tries to recall some needed drivers and the “No bootable device” issue when you are trying to start up the computer. So you should run a driver update program to refresh the device drivers that manage your machine immediately.

Then, completely scan and make sure you computer is well protected against viruses. We know that hard disk has been the main object of computer virus as it is used to store almost all files on the computer. Once the disk has been attacked, some files will be loss and hard disk space will be eaten up. Run a powerful anti-virus program to detect and remove all these threats from your computer immediately so as to make the computer run properly without a “fatal error no language file was found” error message. By the way, it is highly suggested that you should always let such computer protection tool running in the background to realtime protect your PC and personal information.

Fourthly, totally repair Windows registry errors. No matter whenever you install a program on your computer, it will add some corresponding entries in registry to make it run as expected. That is why registry is become the main component of the Windows system and controls the proper running of the computer/programs. Because of too frequent usages, that is no doubt some errors will appear and then result in different kinds of Windows errors. And a simple registry error will continuously cause a “fatal error no language file was found” error message to your PC. But it is lucky that you are able to fix such computer errors with a freeware registry cleaning tool.

If you have performed all the above steps but cannot get rid of the “fatal error no language file was found” error message, you can do a System Restore procedure to get rid of it. This is a small, but effective procedure that is really helpful because it brings your system back to a point in time that you want it to, preferably before your error occurred. Here is what you need to do in order to use the System Restore application correctly.

* Go to the “All Programs” menu in the “Start” menu at the lower left hand corner of your screen
*From there on, go to “Accessories”
* Once in that menu, go to “System Tools”
* In that menu, click on “System Restore”
*Once in the application, there should be a list of things you can do, follow the instructions from there in order to get your System Restore procedure done correctly and efficiently.

Simply speaking, it is very easy for a computer to generate some strange error messages during the usage. But no matter whenever you see the “fatal error no language file was found” message, take the above solutions first before rushing to the repair store. You will sometimes find yourself successful in fixing the error quickly on your own!

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