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How to Get Rid of Little Registry Optimizer Quickly and Easily

on November 14th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Little Registry Optimizer is an open source program aimed to analyze the windows registry and (if needed) optimize it so it will be smaller and run smoother when the computer is rebooted. Need to do an uninstallation to reinstall your Little Registry Optimizer? How to uninstall the old version Little Registry Optimizer? If you would like to know about how to thoroughly uninstall PC maintenance program from your computer, you can follow the removal instructions to get rid of Little Registry Optimizer or any unwanted software.

How to get rid of Little Registry Optimizer from computer?

Basically, you just need to do 2 things to uninstall Little Registry Optimizer or any program from your PC. If you have some knowledge of computers, it isn’t too bad for you removing Little Registry Optimizer.


You just need to first delete the program off your PC, and then remove all the program files make the program work on your system.


You can uninstall Little Registry Optimizer with standard Windows Add/Remove Programs:

1. Click Start Menu and then Control Panels.

2. Open Add/Remove Programs on the interface.

3. When it shows you all installed programs, highlight Little Registry Optimizer and click Uninstall next to it.

4. Keep on with the prompts to complete the uninstall.


During the second stage, you need to delete all component files left by Little Registry Optimizer.

1. Open C drive and find the following relative files and delete them:

C:\Program Files\ Little Registry Optimizer \

C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Little Registry Optimizer \

2. Go to Registry, check and delete registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER related to Little Registry Optimizer.


If you have problems or feel too demanding in deleting these entries and keys by your own, simply resort to a neat uninstaller by which you do not have to worry all the mentioned registry stuff.


I am glad that all the components of Little Registry Optimizer on my computer are all gone now all thanks to Perfect Uninstaller. Perfect Uninstall is a high quality uninstaller tool that I have found online, which is specifically designed to completely uninstall unnecessary and unwanted programs from your computer. By utilizing this option you’ll be able to skip all of the above and completely remove Little Registry Optimizer at the click of a button. Trying to delete other software like PCSleek Free Error Cleaner and TweakNow RegCleaner? Manual removal can be a very difficult task. By downloading Perfect Uninstaller you will be able to completely remove undesired software in minutes.

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