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How to get rid of runtime error 53 “File not found” error easily?

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on October 19th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Runtime error 53 is one of the most common runtime errors that a user will encounter while using his or her computer. Typically, it will happen when the system cannot file or read a specific file, mostly a Dll file on your system. We know that Dll files are widely shared by both the computer and the installed programs so as to run as smoothly as expected. If the system is unable to read these files correctly, it will cause your programs to behave strangely as well as bring in some errors just like runtime error 53 “File not found” or some dll errors just like lame_enc.dll or Mssip32.dll error.

File not found

The first reason for why the runtime error 53 shows on your computer has to do with the “Microsoft Transaction Server” (MTS) on your PC. This is one of the most important parts of the system to allow the Windows to read multiple files at the same time. If the system cannot locate the required Dll files or cannot process the settings to launch a program, you will no doubt get a “File not found” error message. To ensure the proper running of the computer, you have to make sure that all files on the computer are able to be accessed or read correctly without problems. To do this, you can directly run the System File Checker utility to help you – a utility to check and fix all corrupt/missing system files: Go to Start, Run, type “SFC.EXE /SCANNOW” (without the quotes) into the search box and press “Enter” to go. Then, you can follow the on-screen prompts to examine and repair corrupt operating system files.

If the runtime error 53 message indicates an error with a specific dll file, try to search the dll file on your computer. If you cannot locate it under any folder on your PC, it means that the file has either been moved or is not on your system. At this time, download a new copy from the Internet and then place it into the System32 folder. Once the file is present correctly on the PC and readable without problem, you won’t get a runtime error 53 “File not found” error any more.

Sometimes, if a problem with the relevant software and hardware on your computer can also bring the happening of runtime error 53 message. If the error message appears soon after you install a new program, directly go to the Start menu, Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Program feature. Here, you should find and uninstall the program immediately from your PC. If you really need such a program, check and make sure you have downloaded the latest version and try another fresh installation. If the error message persists, maybe you can consider installing some other alternative ones.

Before reinstalling the program, you’d better check and repair the Windows registry. Registry is the place that stores all the required settings and options of the system to make it run correctly all the time. However, it can be full of invalid entries over time and then slows your PC to a snail’s pace; on the other hand, brings in the runtime error 53 “File not found” error by stopping the system to read the required files smoothly and correctly. Remember that these invalid entries will be the results of a bad program install/uninstall job, a virus infection or other unwanted software that has made its way to your system without your knowledge. So, after uninstalling the program, run a registry cleaner tool to free scan your whole PC and fix all registry errors. This helps to ensure a smooth running computer effectively.

Well, the runtime error 53 “File not found” error will be easily gotten rid of your computer after the above steps. And it is highly advised that you can keep on doing those steps to well maintain stable computer running.

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