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How to get rid of “The server threw an exception” error message?

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on January 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Same as the “Computer Monitoring Error”, some users will come across with a “The server threw an exception” error message when trying to open the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Because of this annoying error, some may fail to deal with the deal with some unknown errors on the PC properly. But I think there is no need to worry too much about this problem as you will get some available solutions here.

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In many cases, rebooting the master server can usually get rid of this error message as it can be caused by a temporary issue on the PC. You can restart it by going to Start -> Run -> “Services.msc”, scroll down to “Windows Management Instrumentation”, right-click and “Restart”. If not, you can run QFarm /Load from the command line so as to ensure that there are no other licensing issues existing.

If “The server threw an exception” error message persists even though you have performed the above steps, check & make sure that all the hardware devices are running properly without issues. Acting as the main component of the Windows operating system, a simple error within the hardware can may the computer neither start up nor perform properly. To deal with such a problem, you still have to verify that all required drivers to the hardware are updated to the latest version. Only when the computer can establish the relationship between the hardware and the system properly, can it run correctly without constant error messages.

Thirdly, completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all computer viruses immediately. Technically, viruses are those programming scripts, codes, contents, or software that are intended to disrupt your computer, deny service, accumulate data on PC, acquire access to your computers’ resources without your knowledge. After getting on the PC, they may severely attack your hard disk and get rid of any system required files from the PC, causing the annoying “The server threw an exception” message to happen. For the security and proper running of the computer, instantly run your PC protection program right now and get rid of all detected threats.

Lastly, you still have to pay several minutes to fix Windows registry errors. You might be experiencing Windows registry errors while “The server threw an exception” error message appears frequently. First of all, you should know that Windows registry is a database that basically stores various info and settings about your all your added hardware & software so as to perform them properly all the time. However, after a while that you’ve been using the computer, many software installations & uninstallations and other files that are being used can severely damage the Windows registry, making kinds of errors to pop up as well as reducing the PC performance. Thus, you last step to get rid of “The server threw an exception” error message is to download and run a registry repair tool immediately. It helps to thoroughly scan the whole PC & solve all these errors easily.

In a word, an error like “The server threw an exception” is quite common while using the computer and may at the same time cause the PC to perform improperly. But you are so lucky to get these simple solutions to deal with them easily on your computer.

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