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How to Get Rid of Websearch.just-browse.info Redirection

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on January 11th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Websearch.just-browse.info is associated with browser hijacker virus which can cause browser redirection. Web browser redirection should not be ignored. When the computer is infected, all web browser will be affected by the infection. The browser hijacker will force you to visit Websearch.just-browse.info which contains a fake search engine. You can not use such deceptive website which tends to displays ads or suspicious sites at the first few pages. The browser hijacker virus will also redirect the google search engine. When you click on a link on google search result, an unrelated website will pop up pr the fake search engine will generate a new result. Moreover, redirect virus has the ability to monitor the computer and collect sensitive information. When the virus delivers data to its server, much internet speed will be taken up and users will find it hard to open a website. To stop the redirection and protection your personal information you need to remove Websearch.just-browse.info completely.

When the browser hijacker virus infects the computer, it drops a copy of itself on your pc and creates related registry entries which allow it to run when windows launches. When the virus runs automatically, it will drop some malicious files on the computer. If you want to get rid of Websearch.just-browse.info virus, you need to remove its copy, files and registry entries.

Method one: manual instruction 
This method is not widely used because it requires users to complete some complex steps. If you have enough pc knowledge, manual way is a possible removal way for you.
1. Turn off web browser
2. Kill malicious processes via task manager
3. Delete Websearch.just-browse.info related files
4. Wipe off harmful registry entries

Method two: automatic removal
Automatic removal is to get help from a virus removal program which can remove the browser hijacker virus and other hidden virus effectively. When a hacker takes control of the computer, it is hard to download or run programs. In this circumstance you can restore the system.

If Websearch.just-browse.info has not yet taken control of your computer and you still can download and run a virus removal program, we recommend you to download Spyware Cease instantly to wipe off the infection before your computer is broken down. Spyware Cease is a professional virus removal program and it fixes the Websearch.just-browse.info redirection effectively in our tests.


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