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How to make Internet connection faster? Solutions to get faster Internet connection pleasantly

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on January 10th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Many people complain about their slow Internet connection speed, but this problem can usually be fixed pretty easily without having to call the Internet service provider if you know how to do. According to my own experience, just restart your router to make your connect to the Internet faster again. However, if this does not solve your problem, you have to check and deal with other things inside the computer so as to get faster Internet connection speed.

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To make Internet connection faster, you should run an antivirus antispyware program on your computer to make sure that your computer is always well against from viruses and other malicious threats. Besides, you have to ensure that your program is always up-to-date, and regularly scan your computer and remove all the malicious threats detected. This is because virus can eat up PC resource & gradually make your Internet connection slow or delete some files like rundll.exe to make the PC perform improperly.

Then, you need to perform an update job so as to get faster Internet connection. The computer or some certain programs on your computer will stop working then they are outdated. So to maintain computer performance and surf the web with faster Internet connection speed, to update your computer is no longer an optional part. These three updates include:
*. Update your software especially anti-virus programs to the latest version to realtime prevent viruses, worms, spyware attacks;
*. Update your computer with the latest Microsoft patches, fixes to prevent some bugs that cause by the system itself.
*. Update your device drivers to the latest ones.
Note: Right now, all updates are freely available on the Internet for almost every antivirus program, email client, operating system, and piece of hardware that you could possibly own.

What is more, you should delete your browsing history. If the Internet connection speed remains slowly after resetting the modem or router, deleting your browsing history might help to solve it. You can easily delete the browsing history by going to Tools on your Internet Explorer and then Internet Options; click Delete under Browsing history to safely delete all these files.

Sometimes, some add-ons can also make the Internet connection speed slow. Please check up the add-ons and plug-ins on it. Sometimes unreliable add-ons and plug-ins are causing problems though they are handy. For example, “Adobe Flash”, “SEO for Firefox” and “Easy Comment” are some of the add-ons that may lead to a slow Internet connection in browsing your desired pages. You can disable or remove unnecessary add-ons to avoid any freezing.

The last step to get faster Internet connection is to remove all registry errors by running an advanced registry cleaning utility regularly. We know that Windows registry is a place that used to store all information and settings of the hardware & software on the computer. That is why registry is regarded as the component to control the proper running of the computer. Only with a clean registry, can the computer and all applications run properly without problems. However, as time passes and program installation & uninstallation, Windows registry is very easy to get corrupted or full with some unnecessary leftover entries. Such errors will greatly affect overall computer performance and stability by slowing down the Internet connection speed and appearing different kinds of computer error messages.

If you want more information and more helpful tips to make Internet connection faster, run the best computer maintain utility here. You can check out what makes your connect to the Internet slowly and how to get faster Internet connection pleasantly at ease.

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