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How to make Windows 7 run like new? Speed up Windows 7 immediately

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Are you deeply frustrated when having to wait a very longer time for your Windows 7 computer to boot up? Do you feeling tired of searching for solutions to make Windows 7 run like new? Even though Windows 7 was claimed to be a much more responsive operating system than Vista, but some users still get satisfied with it. And the most asked question is “how to speed up Windows 7 easily”. Yes, every computer will run slowly no matter which operating system it is running but due to the brilliant effect of Windows 7, it is much easier to get slower. But this does not mean that you cannot make it run like new again!

speed up Windows 7

To speed up Windows 7, you should regularly scan the computer for viruses. We know that once the computer is infected by viruses, lots of system resources will be taken up, which greatly slow down the computer. What is more terrible is that it will sometimes steal users’ privacy. So to make your Windows 7 computer run like new, what you need to do first is to install an reliable anti-virus program on your computer, and regularly scan your computer to make sure that it is always far away from viruses.

Secondly, you should cut down on the amount of programs running in the background. You can use MsConfig to do this or simple install software that will identify programs secretly running in the background and eating up loads of virtual memory.

Thirdly, to speed up your Windows 7 computer it is best that you can turn off the visual effects. Disabling some visual effects can save up a little system resources and tune up Windows 7 system performance. You can adjust the visual effects simply with the following steps:
*Go to Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, and then go to Performance Information and Tools.
*Click Adjust visual effects.to proceed this step, you should be sure to log in the system as the administrator.
*Click the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then select OK.

Sometimes, you still need to repair system files. If there is something wrong with the system files, it will result in system instability or failure to log in the system, or sometimes Windows Installer error. So a scan with the system command “SFC” is needed. Once a file is found to be missing or damaged, you will be prompted to insert the installing CD to restore the original file. You can go to Start -> run -> type “sfc /scannow” and then “Enter” to begin the scanning. By the way, please remember to use a patched CD to restore the system if the operating system in the installing CD is an older one, avoiding a restore to an older version.

After the above steps, perform a software maintenance job to ensure that all programs on your computer are running properly without errors. This usually includes protecting the computer from being attached by virus, and regularly deleting the unnecessary system junk files, running a disk defragment is necessary in optimizing Windows 7 PC performance. Here, there is no need to talk about the importance of the anti-virus program to the computer for it is known to all that it is a must in order to protect the computer just as what I have ever said in the first paragraph, but instead, we will particularly discuss the parts that always be neglected by lots of PC users when maintaining the computer: junk files cleanup and disk defragmentation.

However, if you know something about the computer, I believe you know that registry is very important for the proper running of a computer and all programs, and should be good taken care of. If you delete a necessary file improperly, some errors like KernelBase.dll error will happen.

Hence, to safely fix registry error and make Windows 7 run like new you’d better rely on a registry cleaner tool. It will thoroughly scan your computers registry to look for & remove obsolete, useless junk data and fix any registry errors. This helps to reduce the size of the registry, sometimes substantially to make the computer clean and compact all the time. This, subsequently, reduces registry lookup times and greatly improves your computer performance.

Those are common tips that you can perform in daily life to make Windows 7 run like new. If you want more tips on how to speed up Windows 7, bookmark my blog and come back soon again. I will try my best to provide you more help PC maintenance tips.

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