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How to Permanently Uninstall SWF & FLV Player from Your System

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on December 12th, 2012 | Leave a comment

SWF & FLV Player is a basic media player that allows users to play Flash files in both the SWF and FLV formats. Are you in need of uninstalling SWF & FLV Player but having no idea on how to remove it completely? Not many people know how to completely uninstall video software from computer. This article will provide you several ways to uninstall unwanted software. Find the best way to fully eliminate SWF & FLV Player now.

Tips for uninstalling SWF & FLV Player from Windows

1. Exit SWF & FLV Player before you uninstall it. Right click on the icon of SWF & FLV Player and select Exit.

2. Click on the Start button and then select Control Panel.

3. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs tab. Scroll down the list of currently installed programs until you see SWF & FLV Player. Select the SWF & FLV Player and then choose Remove.

4. Choose Remove completely for all users in the pop-up dialogue box and then click the Yes button.

5. In the next pop-up dialogue box, remember to uncheck the first box. And then choose the reason why you want to uninstall SWF & FLV Player and click on Uninstall button to finish the removal.

6. In order to remove the SWF & FLV Player completely, you can delete the SWF & FLV Player folder manually.


It is necessary to check out and find out if there are stuffs still listed on your computer. Instruction:

1. Click the Windows “Start” button and click “Run”.

2. Type “regedit” and press “Enter” to launch the registry.

3. Click the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder on the left panel and expand “Software.” Navigate to the ” Software\iolo\SWF & FLV Player” folder and right-click it. Click “Delete,” and click “Yes” to confirm. Click the “File” menu and click “Exit” to close the registry.

4. Click the Windows “Start” button and click “My Computer.” Double-click the “C:” drive. Double-click the “Program Files” folder. Locate the SWF & FLV Player folder and right-click it. Click “Delete.” Click “Yes” to confirm.

5. Empty the recycle bin and restart your computer to complete the removal process.


Uninstalling SWF & FLV Player with uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller is a feasible way for people who cannot remove it manually. With Perfect Uninstaller, it is possible for you to fully uninstall SWF & FLV Player without any leftovers left behind on your computer. Besides, you can also use it to automatically remove those files or registry entries a certain program left over.


In this way, any unwanted programs like Video Spirit Pro and RealPlayer will be removed and gone from your computer.

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