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How to prevent a PC crash while updating Windows?

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on March 14th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Well, for the proper running of the computer and ensure its stability, lots of users keeps on regularly updating the Windows computer by downloading and installing the recommended Windows service packs. Yeah, this is correct and recommended. However, the problem that troubles lots of PC users is that, the computer will suddenly crash while updating Windows besides various unknown error messages like Windows update error 800736B3.

prevent PC crash

If there are still too many programs running or too many downloads/installs at the same time, sometime it will consume a very longer time to shut down or unable to shut down. So the safest thing that you need to do is to make sure that all the unneeded programs are closed before downloading a Windows update service. This alone may help you solve the problem. But please do not just look at the processes in the system tray. You can open “Tasks Manager” or “Msconfig” from Start to turn off some unneeded running programs when trying to prevent a PC crash while updating Windows.

Secondly, run your antivirus software to get rid of all threats inside your computer. The most viruses on the computer, the slower your system will be and the more chances for the computer to crash while updating Windows as they can eat up a large amount of system resources. The antivirus programs prevent your computer from viruses or spywares and delete them instantly from the computer.

Thirdly, it needs to be mentioned that, when downloading the Windows update services or running programs, the system will call for some related data from the computer. If the files on the computer are put in order as the closes that we put in our wardrobe, it will be easy to be reached to. So to prevent a PC crash while updating Windows, you have to run the Disk Defragmenter regularly to increase file-accessing speed: just go to “Start”-> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and then run Disk Defragmenter. It is recommended that you should defragment your computer regularly, especially after each large downloading, file creation or deletion. Lots of user will ignore this basic computer optimization tip without realizing that it can make computer run smoothly without unexpected crashes.

By the way, it is suggested that you can check the Motherboard. One major cause for why a computer crashes while updating Windows has something to do with a dead motherboard. Sometimes, the computer components do die eventually and sometimes even before their time is up to cause the computer crash problem. Hopefully you have warranty on the system and are able to replace it easily.

Lastly, optimize Windows registry. No matter what program you install on the computer, it will add some registry entries into windows registry so as to make sure a proper running. But when uninstalling programs, some will leave some useless registry items /abandoned code in the registry. This will increase the difficulty to quickly download and install your desired Windows updates. Besides, if the computer cannot find the required entries within the database to perform some tasks correctly, numerous error messages will display. To prevent a PC crash while updating Windows, it is necessary to always optimize windows registry to ensure a compact and easier-to-be-accessed registry.

In my opinion, every computer will come to the chance to crash randomly if lacks of regular maintenance. To prevent a computer crash while updating Windows, do remember not to download & install too many updates at the same time; what is more, you’d better insist on doing the above PC optimization tips in your daily life so as to stop some unexpected crashes at any time.

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