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How to prevent and get rid of constant JavaScript error messages?

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on March 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

JavaScript is a “scripting language” which is quite different from the “programming language”. Mostly, it is used to write code for applications on web pages and this is why we are able to view some animation effect on some web pages. However, many users are annoyed with the constant JavaScript error messages in browsing a web page and cannot visit the site correctly as usual. Typically, a JavaScript error alerts you that there are something wrong with the code of website you are visiting or there are some problems with your web browser.

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The first thing that you should do when keep on getting a JavaScript error message is to restart Internet Explorer. As what I have ever said in my previous posts, lots of computer errors are temporary and can be fixed after a restart job. However, if you continue on experiencing the script error problems, follow the below steps to go.

Secondly, remember to make sure that you are visiting a safe page. Sometimes, some malware will disguise themselves as a legitimate file in the website by using the JavaScript error messages to hide their malicious intent. Do remember to always run your antivirus antispyware program in the background to block PC threats at any time. By the way, if the computer gets infected you will also come to the chance to get constant JavaScript error messages or some other errors like error code 0X80070715. So when getting such annoying computer error message, you’d better scan your whole PC completely to get rid of all computer viruses and malware.

After making sure the computer is totally virus free and you are visiting a safe web page, ensure that all the active scripting, ActiveX controls, and java applets are enabled on your PC. You should know that all active scripting, ActiveX controls, and java applets are key components to JavaScript in order to make your browsers run properly. Here are instructions for you to enable these features if you are using Mozilla Firefox:

* Open your Firefox browser, and select “Tools” in the top.
* Click “Options” and then select “Content”.
* Check the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox.
* Click OK.

By the way, you should clear all web browser cache so as to get rid of constant error messages. A web browser cache is a directory, or a folder having stored copies of the most recently visited websites to optimize the Internet performance. The more cache files on the computer, the slower the computer will be, and the more chances for you to get a JavaScript error message. So do remember to clear the unneeded cache files from your computer regularly.

Finally, you should pay some time to check and fix Windows registry errors. Registry errors exist in almost all computers as registry is the main component of the Windows-based operating system to store all options & settings. A minor mistake within the Windows registry database will stop you from running the Internet Explorer properly and cause the JavaScript error messages. Even worse, your PC could possibly begin crashing randomly or not even start at all. The Blue Screen of Death, .DLL Errors and runtime errors will also come on the neck of another. So, download a powerful registry repair tool to thoroughly scan and fix all registry errors on your computer immediately.

Tired of the constant JavaScript error messages and want to visit your desired pages properly all the time? Still looking for a cheap & fast way to deal with JavaScript errors on your PC? This computer repair tool is the #1 solution for you! Run it and you will soon enjoy a pleasant online surfing without problem!

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