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How to Quickly Uninstall Animated Water Screen – Recommended Guide

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on October 16th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Animated Water Screen is a program takes a screen shot of your desktop and adds a water rippling effect to make it appear as though your desktop is filled with water. Would you like to uninstall Animated Water Screen from your computer if you seldom use this program? Some computer beginners possibly do not have the ability to fully remove Windows software. Do you need help of uninstalling Animated Water Screen? You can easily uninstall it with the following tutorials.

If you insist on uninstall Animated Water Screen uninstall manually, you can try the below steps. But it is really not recommended to inexperienced computer users to secure the proper running of the computer.

1. Boot your computer into safe mode to quit all running processes.

2. Then go to Start, and then Settings, Control Panel; double click on “Add/Remove Programs”.

3. Locate & highlight Animated Water Screen and then click on “Change or Remove”.

4. Follow the online wizard to finish the uninstall processes.

The next thing you need to do is to check whether there are leftover files and folders in your system. This is very time-consuming as the files may spread around in multiple directories or leave traces to different paths. But this is a guarantee to have the entire Animated Water Screen removed, thus highly recommended.

Do you think it is risky to directly delete all the relevant files from your hard disk without any guide from computer expert? The answer is VERY. Never ever do that if you care for a clean and normal system or future re-installation of the software.

Do you want to quickly uninstall Animated Water Screen with a working method, since manual removal is not available for every computer user? It is time to try an useful uninstall program which can help you easily delete all left over files, and it also has the added benefit of being able to clean up all related registry values and/or dlls, and then you can successfully uninstall programs finally. One of the reliable uninstaller we recommended to you is Perfect Uninstaller, which with advanced artificial intelligence technology. All the component of Animated Water Screen or other software like SysInternals Suite and SterJo StartUp Monitor Free will be removed once and for all by this efficient uninstaller tool.

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