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How to Remove Adware.Keenval quickly from PC

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on February 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Adware.Keenval is classified as adware, which claims itself as a normal software. No matter whether you think it is a virus, you must notice the software is very annoying. The adware causes endless survey windows poping up, uses tracking cookies to records sensitive information and leads users to suspicious websites. Whenever you see such unknown pop-up, you should think for a second before you click on it. If you are going to install any related application, you should take our suggestion and can avoid lots of trouble. If your computer is already infected by Adware.Keenval spyware, following guides can help you get rid of the spyware easily.

How to remove Adware.Keenval completely
Generally speaking, there are two ways to remove the adware. One is manual removal way and the other is to use a remonal program that can remove the infection instantly. Apparently, a removal program is a common choice.

Adware.Keenval manual removal
To manually remove the adware, you need to find out all components of the adware including running processes, related files, folders, programs and registry entries. All those items should be removed completely. Any remained file can restore Adware.Keenval randomly.
1. Right-click taskbar and select task manager. Locate the related processes running without your acknowledgment and then kill them
2. Find out Adware.Keenval files and delete them. When you can not remove a file, you need to remove it from memory.
3. Run registry editor and remove associated registry entries
4. Restart computer

How to remove Adware.Keenval with a professional virus removal program
Usually, a virus removal program is very easy to use. Even users who know little about the computer can use a virus removal program to get rid of the worm. What you need to do is install an effective Adware.Keenval removal program like Spyware Cease, install it on your pc and launch it to run a scan. When the scan completes, threats including Adware.Keenval will show on the scan result. And you select all detected items and click on remove button. Sometimes, you need to restart the computer to complete the removal. Using a virus removal program is much safer than deleting malicious files manually.

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