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How to Remove AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti effectively from PC

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on January 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment

AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti is one of the latest detected adware viruses like Giant Savings. It may be bundled with other programs in exchanging for the right to use a program without registering it. The adware can also slip into a vulnerable computer when the user visits malicious websites. AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti is mainly designed to display advertisement and pop-up notification. Moreover, the adware steal information in the background. It collects data like search queries and websites in bookmark which can reflect users’ interest.

AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti symptoms
Advertisements about what you once searched for pop up continuously
Homepage is changed no matter how many times you restore it
Web browser runs slow
Popular search engine like Google is redirected to other sites

How to remove AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti completely

Manual removal way is a traditional way, but not used widely. If you have enough pc skills like modifying windows registry and locating malicious files, you can try manual way.
1. Close all browsers via task manager
2. Delete the original adware file (its location on the infected computer will depend on how it got onto the computer).
3. Delete the system registry keys created by AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti in the following branches

[HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{AEB04B5E-C981-47a9-B847-33EE4C92F6B9}]

4. Delete the directories and all of their contents:

%Program Files%\Play Pickle

Recommended AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti removal
Using a virus removal program is the most common way to get rid of adware virus. It is much safer and easier. If you have an antivirus program, it should be the first one you try. When your antivirus program fails, you can try to enter Safe Mode with Networking or remove some malicious registry keys and files manually before running a scan.

However, if you want a quick solution, you should download an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease. Spyware Cease can detect latest viruses including AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti effectively and wipe them off immediately.

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