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How to Remove Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 from Your Computer

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on January 14th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 is one of the Backdoor.Hugly variant Trojans that could open a back door on the infected computer. While it provides access for other threats, it also tries to help them get into the system without being blocked by an antivirus program by damaging the security programs or disabling the updates. Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 will drop more than one copy on the system and mess up the windows registry. Those infected files could activate one another if one is stopped or ceased by the computer users or the antivirus application. It could hide so well and spread so fast that an antivirus may even fail to detect it. All the victims could find a suitable solution in the below two to get rid of Backdoor.Hugly!gen1.

Do you know why your antivirus fails to remove the detected Trojan? There are several reasons. For example, when a security program does not remove all components of Backdoor.Hugly!gen1, the left part could easily reinstall the Trojan application after windows restart. Another possibility is the Trojan hides itself on the memory and the antivirus program fails to end the process before removal. No matter what reason it is, you could try the tips to get rid of Backdoor.Hugly!gen1.

1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking so that unnecessary processes will not load in
2. Delete the following files related to the Trojan

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\human.exe

3. Clean up Temporary Internet Files
4. Update your antivirus program and perform a full scan
5. Remove Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 and restart computer

Remove Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 automatically
Manual removal is complicated, and this time you really need to find an easy and powerful method. Spyware Cease is the best choice for you. It is professional Anti-virus software. And it can help you get rid of Backdoor.Hugly!gen1 and protected your computer form being infected by any other threats. Now please have a try.
Basic Steps
1. Run Spyware Cease and wait for automatic updates
2. Run a quick scan
3. Click remove button to get rid of infection
4. Run a full scan
5. Click remove button get rid of Backdoor.Hugly!gen1

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