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How to Remove Backdoor.Wualess completely

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on February 27th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Backdoor.Wualess is one of the latest backdoor trojan that can let hackers access the infected system without users’ approval. The trojan is capable of opening a back door which is the access of other virus attacks. Web browser will be redirected, fake alerts will pop up, antivirus software will detect various infection, system error will occur and so on. Backdoor.Wualess will modify windows registry so as to run at windows startup. When it is executed, malicious files will be dropped on the computer. Usually, users can not notice the trojan until the computer can not work normally. Your computer will be attacked all the time until you can remove the backdoor trojan completely.

How to remove Backdoor.Wualess manually
Manual removal is one of the possible way to get rid of trojans, but it is sedom used due to its complixity and risk. Experts with experienced pc skill are capable of adopting manual way while common users will easily damage the computer.  Backdoor.Wualess manual removal involves stopping the trojan from running, delete related files and remove malicious registry entries. Windows registry is an important and sensitive part of windows system.  You have to remove malicious registry entries and reset registry values modified by Backdoor.Wualess.

Recommend way
This method is almost automatic. With a powerful virus removal program all complicated steps can be done automatically without mistakes.  This is the common method to deal with virus infection including Backdoor.Wualess. Since the trojan is just released, some virus removal programs still can not wipe off the infection effectively.

If you are looking for an effective virus removal program, I recommend you to choose antispyware software like Spyware Cease. Antispyware software is more senstive to backdoor trojan than antivirus software and Spyware Cease is proved to be able to wipe off Backdoor.Wualess effectively.

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