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How to Remove CouponBuddy entirely from PC

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on January 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

CouponBuddy is classified as malicious adware program like DropinSavings that can attacks common web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others. It can displays advertisements and redirect web browser to malicious sites. If you click on any pop-up, rogue program may access your computer immediately. When your computer is infected by CouponBuddy, the homepage will be changed and your bookmarks list will be modified as well. Every time your web browser is redirected, your pc gets a chance to infect more viruses. Moreover, the adware program can collect sensitive information from your computer by monitoring the system and your activities. For example, the adware reroutes your search results to some specific websites that are full of advertisements and can also cause more infections to be infiltrated into your computer. Do you want to remove CouponBuddy completely? You need to read the following passages.

There are two ways to get rid of the malicious infection. One is to adopt manual removal and the other is to adopt automatic way.

How to remove CouponBuddy manually
This way is considered as complex by many users. The most difficult part is to find out the location of the adware. It may hide from add/remove program, so you need to find out every files and registry entries of the program and the delete them completely.
1. Stop CouponBuddy from running via task manager
2. Find out related files and delete them entirely
3. Remove malicious registry entries via registry editor

How to remove CouponBuddy automatically
Automatic way is to use a virus removal program. This way is suitable for common pc users no matter how much pc knowledge they have. A virus removal program is able to run scan, find out viruses and delete them instantly. As far as I know, not all virus removal programs can detect and wipe off CouponBuddy. If you are looking for an effective program to get rid of the adware instantly, I recommend you to use Spyware Cease.

Spyware Cease can pick up and remove CouponBuddy and other potential risks completely. Moreover, you can repair system vulnerability by the powerful antispyware program so as to prevent other virus attacks.

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