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How to Remove Delta Search Hijacker from PC

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on February 6th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Delta Search Hijacker is a redirect virus that can hijack web browser and redirect search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is classified as a kind of google redirect virus. The infection symptom is very obvious. Delta Search Hijacker can replace your homepage or default search engine with Delta search engine site, redirect web browser to various websites when you click a link on search result or open a new tab on your browser. Meanwhile, the virus slows down the compromised computer when it occupies large system resource for data delivery or data collection. In addition to Delta-search.com, lots of fake search engines like are associated with or produced from the redirect virus. You could get the infection via many ways, such as installing malicious toolbar or visit malicious sites, but there are only two ways to get rid of the redirect virus.

Simple ways to get rid of Delta Search Hijacker
When we talk about simple ways, we do not refer to manual removal. Manual way is too complicated for most pc users. Even those experts will not prefer to manual way when their computer is infected by virus. We all know that using a security program is the fastest way to clean up an infected pc. However, not all security programs can remove Delta Search Hijacker effectively.

Does your antivirus warn you of the infection? If so, that means your antivirus program can detect the backdoor Trojan, so the removal work is half done. Encounter problems when trying to remove the threat? Following tips may help you remove Delta Search Hijacker successfully.

1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking, so that unnecessary processes will not run
2. Delete all temporary files
3. Run the antivirus program and update it to the latest database
4. Launch a system scan
5. Delete Delta Search Hijacker
6. Restart computer

Recommended way to remove Delta Search Hijacker
Are you unable to delete the Trojan manually? Is manual removal hard for you? Here is another way to wipe off the infection, but you need to equip your computer with a program first. The program you need to install is an advanced virus removal software which can detect and remove Delta Search Hijacker completely. The whole scan maybe take a long time, but as long as the scan completes the removal job will just take a second. Do you want to use such an effective Delta Search Hijacker removal tool? Spyware Cease is highly recommended to you.

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