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How to Remove Downloader.Parshell!g3 Step by Step

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on February 27th, 2013 | Leave a comment

If you computer is infected by Downloader.Parshell!g3, you can learn more about the infection and responding removal way in this article. Downloader.Parshell!g3 is a malicious backdoor Trojan that allows remote hackers to access the compromised computer without users’ acknowledgment. The hackers can monitor the system, such as passwords and programs, and spy on users’ behavior such as websites visited and search inquiries. Gradually, Downloader.Parshell!g3 will take control of the computer and shut down security programs to protect itself. For example, when you try to run a scan by your security program, the Trojan could either corrupt the program or restart the computer to stop the scan. You should remove Downloader.Parshell!g3 instantly once you notice it.

Method one: remove Downloader.Parshell!g3 step by step
This method is called manual removal. Users have to complete three steps to get rid of the Trojan. While the Trojan may root deeply on the pc, the method is relatively difficult for common users.
1. Run task manager and kill Downloader.Parshell!g3 processes. The process may be in random name or occupy high cpu space.
2. Uninstall the malicious program or delete the malicious file from pc
3. Run registry editor and remove registry entries created by Downloader.Parshell!g3

The steps here are brief since the Trojan affect computer slightly different. Most users will prefer the method two.

Method two: automatic way to remove Downloader.Parshell!g3
This method is widely used by common users and even pc technician. To use a virus removal program is an effective way to pick up virus on the computer and get rid of them safely. Users without any pc skill can also remove Downloader.Parshell!g3 with the help of an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease.

We recommend Spyware Cease in that it is one of the secret helpers of pc technicians. That is to say when you send an infected computer to a repair store, technicians may use Spyware Cease to scan the computer first. Follow the simple steps to remove Downloader.Parshell!g3 now.

1. Download Spyware Cease
2. Install and launch the software
3. After automatic update, start a scan
4. Click check button to analyze unknown files
4. Click remove button to remove pc threats

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