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How to Remove Fake Windows Action Center from My Computer

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on January 6th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Do you have the Fake Windows Action Center on your computer? It is a program that you should never have. I can share the information about the software with you. It is a rogue anti-virus application which has been identified by many computer experts. Like many other rogue software, Fake Windows Action Center will pretend to be a powerful scanner to help you detect and remove those malicious pc threats from computer. It displays security warning to inform you the computer is attacked, such as

“System alert
Suspicious software, which may be malicious, has been detected on your PC. Click here to remove this threat immediately with Windows Action Center”

This kind of warning is just a trick that attempts to make users believe the computer is in danger and they should use the software to remove viruses. Fake Windows Action Center can run fake scan and give out scaring report in order to cheat users into buying the full version. To completely get rid of those negative effects of this rogue antivirus program, you should know the way to uninstall or remove Fake Windows Action Center from computer.

There are two possible ways to remove the rogue program. One is manual removal and the other is using a professional antispyware program. Comparing these methods, we think using a virus removal program will be more suitable for most pc users.

How to remove Fake Windows Action Center instantly
Do you have an antivirus program? Is your antivirus software disabled by the malware? When you antivirus could not remove Fake Windows Action Center effectively, we recommend you to use Spyware Cease, a reliable antispyware program. It is not a free antispyware, but it provides trial version for 7 days.

How to remove Fake Windows Action Center with Spyware Cease
1. Change the settings. Take IE for example. Click on Tools – click Internet Options – go to Connections tab – click LAN settings button – uncheck the item Use a proxy server for your LAN – click OK to confirm your action.
2. Click here to download Spyware Cease and save it to your desktop. If the download or installation is blocked, rename the files as the name of e a system process such as explorer.exe.
3. Run Spyware Cease and let it finish the update
4. Use Spyware Cease to delete temporary files: Clean Junk File – click clean button
5. Click clean virus to run a scan and remove Fake Windows Action Center
6. After the scan, click remove button

In most cases, Spyware Cease could completely remove Fake Windows Action Center in the 5 steps. In a few case, victims need to log in Safe Mode with Networking. The sooner you use Spyware Cease, the easier you could get rid of Fake Windows Action Center.

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