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How to Remove Fast Address Bar completely from Your Browser

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on February 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Fast Address Bar presents itself as a normal browser add-on, but causes many unwanted problems, such as replacing default search engine. The suspicious toolbar gives users no chance to reset their default search engine or uninstall the add-on. Luckily, it is not used to distribute malicious programs or Trojans. Classified as browser hijacker, Fast Address Bar can exploit vulnerability in your web browser and then collect sensitive information like your online account data, passwords and identity. Usually browser hijackers sell such information to third parties or share them among malicious domain. Is your web browser redirected to suspicious sites with annoying advertisement all the time? On the one hand, the problem may be caused by any related browser hijacker on your browser. On the other hand, the browser hijacker may install one like Fast Address Bar on your browser.

How to uninstall a toolbar from your web browser

For Mozilla Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox, go ‘Tools’ → ‘Add-ons’.
Choose ‘Extensions’ → Fast Address Bar and click ‘Uninstall’.
Go ‘Tools’ → ‘Options’. Finally, reset the startup homepage or change it to google.com.

For Google Chrome:

Click on the icon ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’, select ‘Options’.
Choose ‘Basic’ Options and change Google Chrome homepage to google.com or any other browser and then click the ‘Manage search engines…’ button.
Choose ‘Google’ and make it your default search engine.

For IE
Open IE and go to ‘Tools‘ → ”Manage Add-ons’.
Choose ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and uninstall everything related to Fast Address Bar from the list.
Choose ‘Search Providers’ → choose the search engine you used before and make it your default search provider. Additionally, select ‘Web Search’, click ‘Disable suggestions’ to disable it.
Go ‘Tools’ → ‘Internet Options’ and select ‘General’ tab. Click ‘Use default’ or enter your own website name, google.com or other. Finally, click ‘OK’ to save the changes.

After you uninstall Fast Address Bar main program from the browser, you need to run a virus removal program to wipe off any related component.

How to remove Fast Address Bar completely by an antispyware program
The one we are going to introduce is Spyware Cease, a specialized antispyware program. Spyware Cease with excellent detection and removal tech could remove malicious virus easily. It is also good at removing latest pc threats since it updates signature database much more frequent and could analyze unknown files thoroughly.

Remove Fast Address Bar by Spyware Cease
1. Download Spyware Cease. You may need to use another computer if your compromised one could not access internet
2. Install and launch the software
3. Run a full scan
4. Remove spyware and check unknown files

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