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How to Remove Home.myplaycity.com Redirect Virus instantly

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on January 5th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Home.myplaycity.com is a suspicious domain. The website provides some online games, but users have to install some browser add-on before they get start playing. The add-on behaviors like a browser hijacker virus that can redirect the web browser and monitor users’ online activities. The toolbar is also bundled with some freeware and shareware to get into a computer. It is recommended not to use Home.myplaycity.com and install its toolbar. When the toolbar is installed on your browser, you will begin to have some web browser issue, for example, homepage is changed without your acknowledgment and web browser open undesired sites randomly. Redirection is dangerous. Your computer is under the risk of getting additional malware when the browser is redirected to other websites. To get rid of Home.myplaycity.com and its add-on, you can refer to the guide below.

How to remove Home.myplaycity.com
First of all, you need to wipe off the malicious toolbar from your computer. Some web browsers such as firewall and chrome provide function to manage add-on. You can use this function to disable and uninstall the malicious toolbar. If you use IE, you need to go to add/remove programs, find out the Home.myplaycity.com related toolbar and then try to uninstall it. Moreover, you need to modify windows registry. When the browser hijacker virus infects your computer, it creates malicious registry entries and adds new registry values which can allow the virus to run every time windows startup.

Most users can not remove the browser hijacker virus manually because it involves complicated steps like modifying windows registry and locating malicious files. If you can not remove Home.myplaycity.com manually, you can get help from a professional virus removal program.

How to get rid of Home.myplaycity.com once for all
A virus removal program is designed to detect pc threats, remove them completely and protect the computer when it is attacked. Do you have an antivirus program? An effective antivirus program can stop the browser hijacker virus from accessing the system effectively. A compromised computer needs another virus removal program to wipe off Home.myplaycity.com redirect virus completely. You can have a look at Spyware Cease. It is a new but excellent antispyware program which is specialized at deleting various pc threats. Its powerful scan engine can detect Home.myplaycity.com successfully and then you just need to click a remove button to get rid of the infection immediately.

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