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How to Remove ICSPA Virus quickly

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on February 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment

ICSPA Virus is a Trojan that will lock the compromised computer by a warning message. The Trojan displays advertisements to hinder users from normal work. It forces users to pay a ransom fee. The message contains deceptive information. It may look like one from legal authority. If you pay fee in order to unlock your computer, ICSPA Virus will soon display another warning message and try to make more money from you. The Trojan can run automatically when windows system boots up. And then it collects information on the background. For example, when you purchase something online, it can collect your key strokes and then find out your login name and passwords. ICSPA Virus will cause unwanted pop-up when you surf the internet. If your computer is locked up by the Trojan, you should not pay any fee and what you really need is to remove ICSPA Virus completely.

How to remove ICSPA Virus from pc
First, I will introduce a manual removal way to get rid of the Trojan. Before we start, you need to make sure you are clear about how to end processes, delete files and remove a registry entry or modify registry value. These are the key steps to remove ICSPA Virus manually. The disadvantage of manual way is it is easy cause system instability issue or even system crashes.
1. Run task manager and find out processes in random name or occupying large system resource. Right-click the processes and select end the process
2. Find out the files generated by the trojan
%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\[RANDOM HEXADECIMAL DIGITS].tmp
3. Run registry editor and then delete ICSPA Virus registry entries

How to remove ICSPA Virus effectively
The most effective way to get rid of such a Trojan is to scan the computer with a virus removal program and let it wipe off the infection automatically. Actually, it has become the most common way to remove threats and protect computers. Do you have an antivirus program? Does your antivirus program remove ICSPA Virus effectively? Here we have a recommendation for ICSPA Virus removal. Users who can not delete the Trojan with their security program can download Spyware Cease, an advanced antispyware program.

The advantage of using Spyware Cease is it removes not only ICSPA Virus but also threats accessing the infected computer via back door.

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