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How to Remove My Way Search Assistant from My Computer

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on December 30th, 2012 | Leave a comment

My Way Search Assistant is a commercial web browser toolbar which allows users to find information via popular internet search engine. The toolbar will be preloaded in some certain brand of computers such as Dell. Some experts have defined My Way Search Assistant as spyware or adware. In my opinion, it is not recommended to keep the toolbar on your web browser. The annoying program is detected to collect information, slow down web browser, change browser settings and so on. In its search result, there are always some advertising links. Though the toolbar will not install on your pc automatically, it uses some spam technique to mislead users. My Way Search Assistant runs automatically and stays resident in background.

Do you find the toolbar is hard to remove from your pc? Apparently the toolbar is very suspicious. Normal toolbars can be uninstalled easily via add/removal programs or web browser built-in uninstaller. Have you tried the two ways to remove My Way Search Assistant. No bother. Many users have tried and they found the toolbar can not be uninstalled easily.

How to remove My Way Search Assistant from PC
The key to wipe off the malicious add-on is to clean up malicious items from Windows registry. You need to run registry editor and find out associated MSI files of the add-on. After you remove related registry entries, you should find out My Way Search Assistant files and delete them completely. However, if you do not know how to or you are not familiar with modify windows registry, I think you’d better not to delete registry entries manually.

What is the most effective way to remove My Way Search Assistant?
The most effective way is scanning the computer with an antispyware program and having the malicious toolbar removed automatically. No matter whether you could remove the toolbar by the above methods, it is highly recommended to run an antispyware program to clean your system thoroughly.

Spyware Cease is one of the antispyware programs that have detection on My Way Search Assistant, so you can use the software to pick up and delete malicious files and registry entries from the computer. You should close all browsers when you run a scan. When Spyware Cease detects My Way Search Assistant, click remove button to get rid of it.

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